Cozumel Airport

Cozumel Airport is a small facility, but one that nonetheless handles hundreds of thousands of tourists each and every year with speed and efficiency. There is only one terminal with around 40 check-in desks at CMZ so efficiency is the order of the day. During peak season, droves of tourists filter through the gates of Cozumel Airport en route to the island’s various luxury hotels and resorts, sandy beaches, and world-class coral reefs. For a tiny airport with limited facilities, you will find that CMZ still provides travelers with many of the expected amenities from currency exchange to duty free shops to efficient transportation services to and from the concourse.

There are tons of taxis at the Cozumel Airport as well as several car rental desks. In order to get the best rates, make reservations for your car rentals in advance of arriving at the airport. If you rent a car upon arrival, (if there are any left), you will be assessed a 15 percent surcharge. If you book in advance or specify that you will require pick-up outside of the airport, you should have greater success dictating the terms of how much money you spend to get back and forth from the airport to your hotel. Taxis at the Cozumel Airport can be shady, but not all of the time. Regardless, if you have the option of your hotel or resort providing you with Cozumel airport transportation, take it. All of the best hotels and resorts should offer this service.

Cozumel International Airport is located just northwest of San Gervasio on the western coast of Cozumel. It is a mere two miles from all of the action of downtown where you will find plenty of opportunities to shop, explore, and eat and drink. The renowned jewelry shops and markets of San Miguel are known for selling sterling silver and other precious stones, as well as one-of-a-kind articles of clothing and colorful textiles made by local Mayan artisans. People travel from all over the world to shop for sterling silver and other goods in Cozumel. Staying near Cozumel Airport means that you are within close proximity to San Miguel, as well as the many beaches and reefs to the south and attractions such as Isla Pasion and the San Gervasio Ruins to the north and northeast respectively.

Although CMZ is a small airport, it does more than simply carry passengers from the mainland to Cozumel. You can in fact catch a flight to Cancun, but there are also a number of international flights that travel to and from Cozumel International Airport. Most of these destinations are in the United States and a select few are in Europe.

In 1999, the airport went through a comprehensive refurbishing and modernization and as a result now offers more eateries, gift shops, and other extras that modern travelers have come to expect at their airports. You will find a friendly and accommodating, and in many cases multilingual, staff at CMZ. They are a great resource should you have questions about how to get taxis at the Cozumel Airport or generally about anything else with which you may need help.

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