Cozumel Cruises

Cozumel cruises provide an alternative to flying to the Caribbean and allow passengers to enjoy the travel experience in luxury. Booking a cruise to Cozumel is a great option for those people who like to have a set itinerary while on vacation. The frequent stops and scheduled events may not be the best option for those looking to simply drop out on the beach for a week. You will have plenty of discretion, however, in how you choose to spend your time onshore. By no means are you required to go on any of the excursions offered by the cruise providers. Once you set foot on a Cozumel cruise port, you are free to explore the island leisurely. In fact, in many cases, booking excursions in advance provides major advantages to large group tours with the rest of the fleet, like being able to see exactly what you want and do so at your own pace.

Most Cozumel cruises that depart from the United States from ports in Florida, including Key West, Tampa, and Miami. An advantage of booking a cruise to Cozumel is that you have the ability to shape your itinerary in a way that is most convenient for you. If you are flying from another part of the country to Florida and you can secure a better rate at one port rather than another, you are free to do so. You can also choose between shorter 4 to 5 day trips or longer adventures that include 7-, 10-, and even 14-day adventures.

Most of the major cruise liners provide all inclusive package deals that allow families and large groups to take advantage of discounts. Most all inclusive packages for Cozumel cruises include all of your meals and beverages, including snacks and open bar for the adults. The cruise ships also offer a range of entertainment services for the whole family, from shows and concerts at night to organized activities and games during the day. The biggest cruise ships feature multiple swimming pools, water slides, restaurants, and other attractions. Think of these cruise liners as floating luxury resorts.

If you are beginning to form your itinerary and are wondering about which Cozumel cruise port to sail into, there are a few bits of advice that may be very valuable for you. There are three ports in Cozumel. Punta Langosta is located in downtown San Miguel. The International Pier is located about 10 miles south of San Miguel and the Puerto Maya Pier is not much further south from there. If after stepping off the ship the line for the taxis is too long, do not waste time waiting around. Simply head into town and hail a taxi there. Also, be aware that it is only a 30-minute walk and less than a 10-minute drive from the International Pier to San Miguel to the north and many of the most popular resort destinations to the south. If you feel like saving some money and enjoying a leisurely walk down the coast, you may not even want to worry about a taxi. The Punta Langosta Cozumel cruise port is invariably the busiest and most heavily trafficked. Whether you are embarking on an international cruise to Cozumel or simply relaxing with a drink in hand on a tranquil sunset cruise in Cozumel, you will have a memorable experience sailing the calm and beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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