Cozumel Restaurants

Cozumel restaurants serve a wide variety of food to the masses of tourists that flock to this island paradise every year. Dining in Cozumel is one of the most enjoyable aspects of staying on the island. This is due in large part to the cultural tradition, alive on the island to this day, of serving the most authentic Mexican and Mayan dishes. Travelers to Cozumel will also have the option of sampling a wide range of international restaurants that serve everything from Italian to Asian as well.

To fully enjoy an authentic Mexican dining experience, you should stray from the hotel or resort and seek out one of the many family-owned establishments that serve traditional local cuisine. Combined with the spectacularly fresh Cozumel seafood, tourists are in for quite the culinary joyride on the island of Cozumel. For families on a budget wondering where to eat in Cozumel, be aware that there are also plenty of inexpensive eateries and street stands where you can also find authentic food and tasty dishes.

Dining in Cozumel, just as in all of Mexico, is meant to be treated as an occasion for family and friends to get together over a meal and enjoy each others’ company. It is interesting that you do not even have to be in one of the Cozumel restaurants to experience this. Take notice on your trip to Cozumel of how many of the residents and locals slow down, find a place to sit, and talk to one another, even while just ordering a couple of empanadas or tamales on the go. This tradition of honoring mealtime in Mexico carries over into many of the Cozumel restaurants that pride themselves on exquisite cuisine and careful preparation.

Many of the sauces like the ever popular mole, (which combines many ingredients including cocoa powder, hot peppers, and tomatoes), and cooked and simmered for a full 24 hours before being served. When you are deciding where to eat in Cozumel, take into consideration the fact that not all of the all inclusive resorts and luxury hotels can offer what a tiny establishment may be able to offer in terms of longstanding Mayan and other indigenous Mexican dishes. Still, the food you will find at the all inclusive resorts is generally very good, just of a different type.

The abundance of fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean and served up at the casual, beachfront Cozumel restaurants make for some of the most delicious dishes on the island. Many people enjoy dining in Cozumel at these laid-back beach restaurants right nearby where much of the diving, fishing, and beach activities take place along the stunning Riviera Maya. One of the great benefits of vacationing in a place such as Cozumel is having the option of going the fine dining route or of simply relaxing by the beach, enjoying some fish tacos and an icy island beverage. It is unlikely that you will have much trouble when faced with the question of where to eat in Cozumel. Be sure to try the best of the authentic Mexican fare as well as the fresh fish and other seafood.

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