Cozumel Diving

Cozumel diving is the reason that this island in the Caribbean ever became the popular international tourist destination that it is today. In 1961, Jacques Cousteau went on an underwater expedition to the Palancar Reef that would introduce Cozumel to the world and change the face of the island and its dynamics forever. Ever since then, the island has been growing in terms of popularity and tourist traffic as people from all over the world flock to the underwater paradise that surrounds Cozumel. Scuba diving Cozumel is unlike any other experience in the sea.

Cozumel has certainly capitalized on the momentum and excitement that Jacques Cousteau first inspired when he reported from the Palancar Reef for National Geographic. When it comes to all inclusive dive resorts Cozumel is the best equipped of any destination in the world. If you are looking for a Cozumel diving package, you will likely get the best value for your money by incorporating it into your hotel accommodations. Some of the best resorts and hotels on the island feature their own dive centers where you can get instruction and then go diving or snorkeling. Scuba diving Cozumel allows everyone from the novice to the advanced expert to take part in the underwater exploration.

Cozumel diving conditions are nearly always ideal and visibility can range up to and sometimes even beyond 250 feet. The Palancar Horseshoe located in the Palancar Reef is a popular site suited best for intermediate or advanced divers. It is a stunning, naturally formed horseshoe of coral that is thriving with exotic marine life. There are several caves that are ripe for exploration. The savvy diver will be sure to bring along a light in order to truly appreciate the stunning colors of the marine life and the unbelievable formations in the caves and reefs.

Barracuda Reef is one of the most notorious locations when it comes to Cozumel diving. The all inclusive dive resorts Cozumel has to offer will not be taking any groups to dive at this site. It is for experienced drift divers only and just six divers at a time are permitted to explore the reef. The average visibility here is around 100 feet and divers can expect to see sharks, rays, and of course, the great barracuda.

The Santa Rosa Wall is another popular destination for scuba diving Cozumel. Although conditions can oftentimes be rough, with an instructor it is a suitable site for comfortable beginning divers and intermediates. It is divided up into three separate dive sites that each offer distinctive coral formations and their own unique sea life. Many exotic fish are to be seen around this reef like the parrot fish and ferry basslet. You will also see thousands of gobies and blennies as well as lots of black grouper. Beautiful reef sharks are also commonly spotted at this popular dive site.

The three above-mentioned dive sites are just a few of the many available to you on the island of Cozumel. Whether you are staying at one of the hotels or villas or especially at one of the all inclusive dive resorts Cozumel is sure to be the ideal venue for a memorable diving vacation.

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