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Cozumel events take place all throughout the year. From Cozumel Carnival to Dia de la Independencia to the Dia de los Muertos celebrations, the island is alive with excitement and festivities virtually all of the time. Time-honored traditions like the religious observations that underlie many of the festivals in Cozumel permeate the Mexican culture. Although Cozumel is a tourist destination and not exactly representative in every way of life on mainland Mexico, all of the important religious festivals and events carry over to the island. Cozumel Carnival is just as colorful and festive in the Caribbean Sea as it is in places such as Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Carnival is perhaps the most celebrated of all the festivities on the Cozumel events calendar. Every year since 1908, the island has honored this pre-Lenten ritual that includes five days of parades, dancing, and otherwise jubilant celebrations. Tourists paying a visit to the island of Cozumel during this early spring celebration will be awed at the flocks of masked and colorfully adorned characters streaming through the streets. The general idea behind Carnival around the world is for everyone to get the craziness out of their systems before the solemnity of Lent. As such, the five days of festivities during the Cozumel Carnival are full of drinking, dancing, and eating with family and loved ones. It is not, however, like spring break in Cozumel. The more traditional observation of Carnival on the island makes it more family friendly than certain other tourist destinations in Mexico like Veracruz and Cancun where the Carnival celebrations can be much more raucous at times. Cozumel Carnival provides the perfect mixture of excitement and safety for families traveling to the island.

El Dia de la Independencia is celebrated throughout Mexico on September 16. It is one of the most important Cozumel events during the year, just as it is in all of Mexico. In Cozumel, September 15 is also an important day on the calendar as this is when the festivities truly kick off. At 11 a.m., people gather around City Hall where the chant “Viva Mexico” can be heard coming from the masses. Much of this day is filled with socializing among food vendors and musicians, dancing in the streets, and spending time with friends.

El Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) is another of the most celebrated Cozumel events. The festivities surrounding this enigmatic holiday date back some 3,000 years. Despite its name, it is actually a celebration of life and a time of joy and excitement in Mexico. Cozumel rings in the holiday with characteristic gusto and colorful parades and celebrations. Over the two days of November 1 and 2, Cozumel is alive with excitement for the Day of the Dead.

Spring break in Cozumel draws a lot of party-going college students, but not nearly as many as more accessible and inexpensive destinations like Acapulco and Cancun. Be aware that this time does see a significant influx of tourist traffic, but it is manageable, whereas whole other cities seem to be swallowed up by the spring break fever during this time of the year. If you have the option, travel during another time than when spring break in Cozumel is not going on. If you are heading to Cozumel for spring break, you are sure to have an amazing time at some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

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