Cozumel Fishing

Cozumel fishing is a very popular pastime for tourists and residents on the island, although you may never know it without scratching below the surface because of the strong presence of more popular scuba diving. Fishing enthusiasts will have as much fun in Cozumel as do the divers and snorkelers who travel here for underwater adventures. From deep sea fishing in Cozumel to fly fishing in Cozumel, it’s all here.

Since many people who travel to Cozumel do not have their own boats (or if they do, they tend not to travel with them on short trips), Cozumel fishing charters are immensely popular for those looking to get out onto the open sea to experience deep sea fishing with an experienced captain and first mate. There are many benefits to Cozumel fishing charters, not the least of which is the convenience of being able to simply enjoy your trip. You only have a specified number of hours to enjoy your time out on the water so you may as well let an experienced captain troll out to a place where he knows there are fish to be caught, leaving you to enjoy the day with friends or family. You even have the option of going out to look for exactly what kind of fish you want.

If you are looking for fish that are excellent for eating, discuss a bottom fishing expedition with the captain. He or she will take you out to drop heavier lines in pursuit of grouper, snapper, triggerfish, and more. One of the great things about Cozumel fishing is that there are a seeming inexhaustible variety of fish to catch. Deep sea fishing in Cozumel makes the entire experience even more unforgettable as this is one of the most exciting (and sometimes treacherous) forms of fishing around. Ensuring the safety of everyone aboard is another reason to consider Cozumel fishing charters while on your vacation.

If you are planning a trip to go deep sea fishing in Cozumel you may just end up bagging some of the best catches of your entire life. From the amberjack (the king of the artificial reef) to the treasured marlin, it’s fair game when you are in Cozumel. Just do not plan on keeping big sport fish like the marlin. More often than not, unless the captain has a special license, you will be expected to toss it back in. Deep sea fishing is like big game hunting in many ways. The stakes are high and the drama is intense.

A Cozumel fishing package may be the best way to get the greatest value for your money. You can decide between a half-day or full-day trip. The half-day excursions usually last for around three to four hours. The full-day is usually around eight hours. Every packaged charter should include all fishing equipment including rods, bait, and relevant licenses. Most also include beer, sodas, water, and snacks, as well as full meals for lunch and dinner depending on the length of your trip. Be sure to select from one of the providers that also cleans and fillets your catches upon arriving back at shore. This way you will be certain to be able to enjoy your fresh catch that very night.

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