Passion Island

Passion Island is a private island located on the northern part of Cozumel. It is set quite apart from the popular beaches and reefs of the southwestern coast of the island, but remains easily one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Isla Pasion, as it is known in Cozumel, is located less than ten miles from Cozumel International Airport and downtown San Miguel. It is also within close proximity of expert dive sites like Barracuda Reef and San Juan Reef. But Passion Island is not where you stay in Cozumel. It is a day-trip destination where families and groups go to enjoy diving, snorkeling, and relaxing in the sun.

One cheap way to get to Passion Island in Cozumel is to purchase a package deal that is all inclusive. Generally this involves taking a bus from downtown San Miguel to Baja Ciega where you will catch a ferry to Isla Pasion. You can arrange for pick up at your hotel or your cruise pier depending on your mode of travel. This is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to get to Passion Island in Cozumel. You are ultimately going to have to take the ferry to the island so you may as well opt for the package that includes food while on the island, open bar, and access to all of the water sports and activities.

Many of the all inclusive trips to Passion Island include English speaking tour guides, round-trip transportation, kids’ activities and babysitters, and the above-mentioned food and beverage service. One hallmark of a quality tour provider is that they offer a nice meal while on the trip to Isla Pasion. Complimentary snacks and cocktails are included on just about every trip but be sure to book one of the providers that offer a quality meal for lunch. Many offer amazing Mexican buffets and this should all be included in the price of the all inclusive package.

You are more than welcome to pack bag for your trip to Passion Island as there are plenty of facilities for men and women as well as special changing facilities for families with small children. There are also plenty of places to find shade on the island including free cabana tents and lounge chairs with large umbrellas. The beaches at Passion Island are well guarded by professional lifeguards.

Besides the expected snorkeling and scuba diving, you will also find an array of other water sport activities including kayaking, body boarding, and snuba diving. There is a large water trampoline where adults and children alike launch into the warm Caribbean water around them. For less than $100 for adults and about $65 for kids you can enjoy a full day at Passion Island. The best cheap way to get to Passion Island in Cozumel is to take advantage of one of the all inclusive deals that not only includes round-trip transportation, but also access to all of the water sports and food and drinks for the day. This is definitely the most efficient way of getting to Passion Island, an island destination where you will be spending the whole day anyway. Purchasing as you go can get expensive.

Passion Island

Passion Island

Passion Island is a private island located on the northern part of Cozumel. I...

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