Playa Corona

Playa Corona is a charming beach destination in Cozumel where you can enjoy relaxing in the sun, snorkeling from the shore, and being served food and drinks by the beach all in the same place. Despite the fact that some people might argue that Chankanaab or perhaps Playa Azul are the best snorkeling destinations in Cozumel, Corona Beach Cozumel along with Dzul Ha should top anyone’s list for the best places to snorkel from the shore.

Snorkeling at Playa Corona Cozumel is especially appealing for beginning snorkelers or families looking to learn together. It is comforting for parents to know that they are watching the quality of instruction their kids are receiving, and even after diving in, that everyone is just a few yards from the shore. You can get personalized instruction onsite as well as all of the equipment you need to dive right in and begin exploring the majestic waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The reefs that surround Playa Corona are alive with some of the most amazing exotic sea life you will ever witness. Bright and colorful fish as well as rays and sharks swim through crystal clear waters that offer visibility of up to 250 feet much of the time. Snorkeling at Playa Corona Cozumel is an experience that no one in the family will soon forget. If you already know how to snorkel and have your own gear, be aware that you do not need to pay to snorkel. If someone asks you to pay they are taking you for a ride. The only things that you are expected to pay for at Corona Beach Cozumel are food and drinks. Essentially, if you are hanging out at the beach, snorkeling, or otherwise using the facilities (lounge chairs, umbrellas, etc), it will be expected of you to purchase food or at the very least a couple of drinks.

Playa Corona is unique in Cozumel in that there is not a whole lot of actually sandy beach. Rather the beach rests on a rocky embankment with natural steps leading down into the crystalline water. There is a little sand but if you are headed to Corona Beach Cozumel expecting miles of white sand, you are headed to the wrong beach. This does not at all detract from the appeal or beauty of the beach. Rather, it makes for a distinctively gorgeous shoreline and beautiful beach. Also, the rocky embankments make snorkeling at Playa Corona Cozumel even more ideal as jump-off points are easily decipherable from the shore.

As compared to places such as Playa Mia and Nachi Cocom, the range of services and amenities at Playa Corona is relatively slim. The advantage to spending time at a place like Playa Corona, however, is that it is a more private setting and especially geared toward snorkeling enthusiasts. You will also have access to a large swimming pool to refresh yourself after a morning or afternoon in the surf. There are also plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas, and a restaurant with full menu and a variety of fun island cocktails, and limited activities for the kids including games on the beach and expeditions to hunt sand dollars and seashells.

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