Playa Mia Cozumel

Playa Mia Cozumel is the largest and most popular beach for tourists in all of Cozumel. The ferry from mainland Mexico deposits droves of tourists nearby to Playa Mia so if you are looking for a tranquil vacation you may want to look elsewhere. The only time of the year that Playa Mia Beach can be uncomfortably busy is during the peak season, so if you are traveling between May and August you do not have much to worry about. Even during peak season, the Playa Mia Grand Beach Park is a lot of fun and undeniably gorgeous. In many ways, the disadvantages of hanging out at a busy beach are offset by the sheer number of fun activities available at Playa Mia.

There is a small fee to get into Playa Mia Cozumel. This gives you little more than access to the beach. Fees are incurred at Playa Mia Beach for towel rental, lounge chairs, snorkeling instruction, and other onsite perks. The good news is that there are options that make it possible to enjoy the beach without breaking the bank. Those planning travel to this area of Cozumel or those staying at hotels near Playa Mia should consider paying a one-time fee that gains you access to all of the water sports activities and facilities, an open bar and food buffet, the pool, hammocks and lounge chairs, the beach club, and the on-premise zoo. This is a vastly better deal than paying for each and every thing as you go. The Playa Mia Grand Beach Park offers so many activities that it is very easy to run up quite the tab. Paying for all of the available activities means food, drinks, and fun all day.

There are triple-deck party boats that cruise from Playa Mia Beach to destinations like Passion Island and Mr. Sancho’s (a local beach club). These cruises are amazing fun for adult groups of friends who want to take advantage of the open bar while they are driven around the coast of Cozumel for an enchanting sunset cruise. The music plays while you dance around the deck and sip on island cocktails. This is a great way to spend one of your days in Cozumel if you have the opportunity. The Adventure Park is a part of Playa Mia Cozumel that both adults and children enjoy. There is a giant water trampoline, kayaks, beach volleyball, and beginner snorkeling instructions and excursions. One of the main benefits of this beach is that it is big enough to offer something for everyone to enjoy. Families can head to this part of Cozumel confident that the kids will be entertained and that they will have a blast as well.

Nights at the Playa Mia Grand Beach Park are also filled with fun and excitement as DJs spin music and bands play to tourists relaxing or walking along the beach. There are a variety of restaurants and Caribbean-themed bars along this stretch of beach where you can find quality meals or perhaps just a nice snack and beverage. And there are plenty of hotels near Playa Mia as well. So many, in fact, that you will definitely be best served by doing some preliminary research into what is available and who is offering seasonal deals and group discounts. /p>

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