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Cozumel shopping is one of the most alluring aspects of a trip to this island paradise. As you meander through the charming streets of Cozumel you will find a whole range of goods from jewelry to handicrafts, clothing to leather goods and colorful textiles. Cozumel markets feature one-of-a-kind goods made by talented local artisans and jewelry craftsmen, making shopping on the island especially attractive to tourists. Although jewelry shopping in Cozumel is particularly popular, there is something to peak virtually everyone’s interests at the various shops on the island.

If like so many other people shopping is an integral and exciting part of any vacation for you, Cozumel is going to be just your kind of place. If you have already made all of your arrangements, you have probably begun to research things to do in Cozumel. Jewelry shopping in Cozumel always ends up near the top of this list. Sterling silver is the most sought-after precious metal on the island of Cozumel. Markets and shops along the waterfront as well as a multitude of shops on the interior of the island offer not only sterling silver, but other beautiful stones like onyx, one of Mexico’s biggest exports.

When doing your Cozumel shopping for sterling silver or custom jewelry, you need to be aware of some important tips. Many of the Cozumel markets are fine and reputable establishments where you can find excellent quality of goods and respectful customer service. However, there are less friendly places for tourists where undiscerning customers can be taken advantage of. First of all, never buy any sterling silver on the island that does not have a “925” stamp, indicating real sterling silver. Secondly, be aware that as a general rule, not every retail establishment is the kind of place that is open to bargaining prices. When you arrive in San Miguel, you will be drawn to the tempting Cozumel shopping right along the water. It is true that this is the area where much of the retail activity takes place, but these are not the places to haggle down prices. You will have much more luck with this approach in other areas of the island. The waterfront is not the place to bargain. If you do plan to try your hand at bargaining down prices at places that are friendly with this sort of thing, your best time to do so is in the evening (generally after 6 p.m.) when the shops in Cozumel only have a couple more hours of operation for the day. At these times owners seem much more inclined to settle in order to make the day a greater success.

There are a few main centers for Cozumel shopping on the island. The Plaza del Sol in San Miguel forms about eight blocks of shopping and eating establishments. Here at the zocalo of San Miguel, you will find a mixture of luxurious (and duty free) goods as well as artisan crafts and jewelry made on the island. Jewelry shopping in Cozumel does not get a lot better than that available on the Punta Langosta. There are a multitude of jewelry shops, jewelry makers, clothing stores, and eateries here. It is located on one of the major streets, Rafael Melgar. You may also be interested in checking out Cozumel markets and duty free shops at the Forum Plaza. Shopping in Cozumel and in Mexico in general is an experience unlike any other in North America.

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