Things to do in Cozumel Mexico

Things to do in Cozumel Mexico abound such that you will be best served to do some preliminary itinerary refining before ever touching down on the island. Cozumel attractions range from spectacular natural wonders like the beaches and reefs to amazing nightlife, shopping, and entertainment.


Of all the Cozumel tourist attractions, the most popular have to be the many gorgeous beaches that pepper the shoreline of this island paradise. When you book a trip to Cozumel, you are surely planning for a relaxing vacation in the sun and surf. The weather can not get a whole lot better than this part of the Caribbean and the surrounding dive sites, guarded and clean beaches, and family-friendly environment make the beaches of Cozumel an attractive option for beach-going tourists. Places like Paradise Beach and Playa Corona are two of the most naturally beautiful Cozumel attractions.


When asking what to do in Cozumel, many people look no further than the magnificent coral reefs that provide excellent dive locations for amateurs and professionals alike. You are able to take lessons and get training on the island if you are inexperienced. There are also plenty of opportunities for long-time divers to enjoy some brand new challenges as well. Many reputable dive companies can arrange trips and understand the differences in skill levels and how this affects where to dive and other like considerations. The colorful and fantastically shaped coral formations will excite anyone embarking on these underwater excursions.

Mayan Ruins

Seeing the historically significant, archaeological sites on the island rank near the top of the list of things to do in Cozumel Mexico. Be sure to visit the Mayan Ruins at San Gervasio and those at El Cedral. Your hotel or resort can help arrange for a guided tour including transportation to the ruins if you have not already made such arrangements. Visiting the ruins provides a nice diversion from beach hopping and water activities and the knowledgeable tour guides provide very cool context to the ruins that have survived on the island, in some cases, for thousands of years.


While on the island, many people prefer to let other people help them decide what to do in Cozumel. There are tours for virtually all of the Cozumel attractions. You can take a boat tour around the island, book an excursion into the island’s interior to explore the famous Mayan ruins, venture out on one of the popular Harley tours, or arrange for one of the Cozumel fury boat tours.


Deep-sea fishing is one of the most exciting things to do in Cozumel Mexico. You are able to charter a boat with a captain and first mate and help to decide where you want to fish according to what kind of catch you are looking for. The thrill of fishing big game fish on the open sea is amazing in the Caribbean off the coasts of Cozumel.

Diving and Snorkeling

This seems like an obvious one, but it would be difficult to not spotlight these two activities in light of the unbelievable reefs that are emblematic of this island. Cozumel is synonymous with diving and snorkeling. The exotic and colorful life that abounds in the water truly must be seen in person to be believed. The visibility for those underwater in Cozumel is also quite remarkable. At some of the dive sites you will enjoy visibility of up to 250 feet. Some of the best diving happens at the Chankanaab Caves, Punta Tunich, San Francisco Reef, and Santa Maria Reef, to name just a few.

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