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Cozumel tours are amongst the most fun things to do while on the island. You can only spend so much time laying out in the sun or exploring the underwater depths. Given the fact that there are exciting adventures like Cozumel Harley tours and Cozumel fury boat tours, it may not take too much convincing to get you to spend a morning or afternoon on one of these island excursions. And of course, there are a variety of expeditions for everyone from the novice scuba diver and snorkeler to experts in the underwater sports.

Cozumel Harley tours are some of the most popular on the island for obvious reasons. What could be more fun than exploring the island atop a Harley Sporster? That is exactly what you will have the ability to do on this adventure that takes you around the island with a guide to see sites like El Cedral and the Punta Celerain Lighthouse before heading to Margaritaville to end the day in grand fashion. For those who want to return to the place of departure, transportation is provided. For those who want to while the hours away having a blast at Margaritaville, you will have to get a cab. Cozumel Harley tours give tourists the opportunity to explore the island with the warm Caribbean air whipping past them atop a gorgeous Sportster; a dream indeed for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Adventure seekers who also want to get lessons for scuba diving or snorkeling may opt to take one of the fury boat tours out to Palancar Reef or Cardona Reef for one of the instructive Cozumel snorkeling tours. The 65-foot catamarans are a blast and at the end of the journey you will be dropped into some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean for an underwater adventure.

Cozumel snorkeling tours are a great way for first-time visitors to Cozumel to see more than just the dive site outside of their hotel or resort. It is also the best way to ensure that you are adhering to all of the safety rules and putting yourself in a position to dive safely and with confidence. Having a guide and teacher along on the Cozumel snorkeling tours is an invaluable aspect of a successful first dive as well as successful subsequent dives as you become a better scuba diver or snorkeler.

Another one of the most popular Cozumel tours is a jungle tour. Cozumel jungle tours are alluring to tourists because you get to pile into a 4-wheel jeep and pounce through the rugged landscape of the interior as you travel from San Miguel to Bahia Ciega where a ferry transports everyone to Isla Pasion for a three-hour reprieve from the raucous ride. Then it’s back on the ferry and back into the jeeps for the ride back to San Miguel. Pregnant women and those with back and neck problems should definitely avoid this tour.

The list of Cozumel tours goes on and on, from dolphin tours, where you can jump into the water and swim with the dolphins, to glass bottom boat tours around the island, there is something for everyone in Cozumel.

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