Cozumel Villas

Cozumel villas are a nice option if you are particularly interested in spending your time on the island in the utmost of private surroundings. Villas are one of your options for higher end vacation rentals on the island. Cozumel vacation villas come in all shapes and sizes and are dispersed throughout the island. Depending on what kind of experience you desire, you can choose from small, two-person villas that are perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways, or big houses that meet the needs of large groups. Whether you are looking for a San Miguel vacation villa or something along the southern tip, you should be able to find the perfect place for you with just a little bit of advance planning.

If you are traveling with a group of friends, reserving one of the Cozumel vacation villas could be a perfect way to save some money and still stay in absolute luxury while you are on the island. If you have a group of around ten people, a four- to six-bedroom with a pullout couch may be just the thing for you. You may have to sleep two people to a room, but you will be amazed at the quality accommodations you will be able to get for the price, especially if you book outside the peak season months. Consider a San Miguel vacation villa if you are traveling with shopaholics as they will likely want to explore the renowned jewelry shops in town.

Cozumel villas along the beach are the most popular variety to be sure. Most tourists headed to Cozumel look forward to an exciting time snorkeling or scuba diving and so it is only natural to want to be as close to the water as possible. There are several reliable and longstanding providers on the island that specialize only in beachfront rentals. Most of these accommodations are well suited for divers and those planning to spend a good portion of their time outside, whether on the pool deck taking in sun or just a few steps further out in the surf of the Caribbean. You will find that many of these thoughtfully designed Cozumel villas have places for divers to store their equipment and generally have an open-air, Caribbean atmosphere.

If your vacation to Cozumel is centered around diving or snorkeling, you should take into account your level of expertise when deciding where to book your Cozumel vacation villas. This may not at first seem to make sense, but if all you plan to do is dive and you are a beginner, then you do not want to book a San Miguel villa rental or one near the more rough and unpredictable waters of the northern part of the island. If you are a novice looking to get your fins wet for the first time, you should consider a villa on the southwestern part of the islands where the water and conditions are much more predictable. You will also be close to many of the island’s popular attractions such as Chankanaab National Park, El Cedral, and Nachi Cocom. Amazing beaches like Playa San Francisco, Playa Mia, and Playa Corona are also located on this part of the island.

Cozumel vacation villas offer something to suit everyone’s desired experience in Cozumel. They are normally well equipped with all of the appliances you need including washer and dryer. Most have swimming pools, terraces, and other such island amenities. From a San Miguel vacation villa to a beachfront villa on the southern tip of Cozumel, your stay in island paradise is an experience you are not likely to soon forget.

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