Mexico Fishing

Mexico is one of the world"s top fishing destinations. With hundreds of popular fishing spots for sport and deep-sea fishing, fishing in Mexico is extremely popular. Just about every tourist city on the coast, from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco to Cabo San Lucas, features Mexico fishing. Whether you are a fishing aficionado, or just want to try your hand at casting out in the beautiful seas of Mexico, the following information encompasses some of the most fun and popular Mexico fishing destinations.

Cabo San Lucas Fishing

Cabo San Lucas fishing features deep-sea fishing off the southern end of the Baja Peninsula. Many fishing enthusiasts consider Cabo San Lucas fishing to have the best year round availability with more then 800 species of fish inhabiting the warm waters from tuna to sailfish. Perhaps the most popular fish in Cabo San Lucas, however, is the marlin. A variety of black, blue and striped marlin swim in the tropical waters. Mexico fishing records are constantly being broken here. Hosts of swordfish also make the shores of Cabo their home and are available between January and June.

Cancun Fishing

Although Cancun is widely known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, Cancun is also a popular Mexico fishing destination. Cancun fishing is available year round with a variety of tropical fish inhabiting the clear, warm water. Deep-sea fishing, flats fishing, fly-fishing and spin tackle fishing are all welcome types of fishing in Cancun.

Though Cancun fishing is popular all year long, the best season, by far, for fishing in Cancun is summer. There is a range of popular tours for fishing in Mexico available in Cancun, as well. Shallow Water Bottom Fishing is a fun choice for families, and gives children and adults alike the chance to catch a fish- and then cart it up to a lagoon restaurant to prepare your catch. Another fun way to experience Cancun fishing is through deep-sea fishing at night. A tour at night usually results in some of the best fishing, and can be a great way to add more excitement to your fishing trip.

Tours and charter boats for fishing in Mexico are widely available for groups of about 2- 10 people. Tours can last anywhere from an afternoon to an entire week. The rental of a charter boat will usually include a licensed crew, fishing equipment, bait and tackle, and drinks for guests. Longer tours may also include food for the duration of the trip.

For anyone who plans to travel Mexico, fishing can be a great way to pass an afternoon, or an excellent weeklong adventure all its own. Whether you travel Mexico with fishing in mind or simply plan to sun bathe on the beaching, fishing provides an inexpensive way to offer entertainment for the whole family. For discounts on fishing trips or tours of Mexico fishing waters, be sure to plan ahead. Many travel agencies offer discounts for tourists who want to travel Mexico and book their tours, flight, and accommodation all at once.

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