Guadalajara Mexico

Famous for endless sun, beautiful views and a plethora of mariachi bands, Guadalajara is at the heart of Mexican culture. Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico (Mexico City is the largest) and many citizens consider Guadalajara to be more of a center for Mexican culture then even Mexico City. Although Guadalajara Mexico is not directly on the coast, travelers can get to the beach for a day trip if they like. Some of the most popular attractions in Guadalajara Mexico, however, do not involve the beach and center on some of Mexico's most delightful festivals.

Guadalajara, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico

Travel to Mexico during the month of September in any city is a special event, but the city Guadalajara Mexico truly goes all out to celebrate Independence Day. Though the day is officially observed on September 16th, Guadalajara engages in a full month of festivities. The celebrations begin with one of the world's biggest mariachi band shows. Mariachi bands travel from all over the world to play in the Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi and a tourist who happens to be in town for this event will be in for a unique surprise. Parades and parties line the streets of Guadalajara at different times throughout this month.

Another popular part of any Mexico vacation in Guadalajara is sightseeing. Guadalajara has a wonderful collection of 17th century and Victorian buildings, all with a Spanish flair, and a tour of local cathedrals and other buildings can be very interesting. While many tourists travel to Mexico each year, the city of Guadalajara is one of the best places for viewing historical architecture.

Many people who travel to Mexico are also interested in hitting the beach. Tour buses are available for rides to the beach, or you may consider getting a rental car. International travelers will have no problem obtaining a Mexican driver"s license, and can even use their own country"s driver"s license if they carry it with them. Beaches near Guadalajara are nice, and offer the sun and white sand most travelers expect on a Mexico vacation.

Restaurants in Guadalajara are among some of the nicest in all of Mexico. A range of options are available throughout the city. While many areas are influenced by North American cuisine and franchises, travelers will also find plenty of locally owned and operated restaurants serving unique, flavorful local fair. Nightlife in the city is fairly relaxed, and offers the array of dance clubs and pubs tourists would expect in a large city.

A Mexico vacation to Guadalajara will be filled with great shopping, dining and sightseeing. In Mexico Guadalajara offers all of the fun of a large city, without as much traffic as it's larger counterpart, Mexico City. Transportation is generally convenient and travelers will have a wonderful time discovering all that Guadalajara Mexico has to offer.

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