Hacienda El Carmen Room

Each Hacienda El Carmen room is a spacious suite, complete with sitting areas, fireplace, and hot tub. As at many boutique hotels in Mexico, you will find your Hacienda El Carmen room steeped in history, as the property dates to the early 1700s. Over the years, it has been not only a convent but also a working colonial estancia, or ranch. High ceilings in white stucco are accented with ornate chandeliers and large dark beams, and the suites are beautifully furnished with Mexican antiques, colonial artwork, and local handcrafts. Handmade bedspreads display the vibrant traditional embroidery of the indigenous Otomi people.

There are 26 suites, five of which are master or presidential suites that also have a DVD player and library of movies. Some have wet bars, and some are equipped with kitchenettes. In all rooms, in-room dining on world-class gourmet Mexican cuisine from the restaurant is available. Each room has a terrace or balcony that overlooks the manicured lawns and gardens and also has views of the distant mountains. Personal touches greet every arriving guest, from a welcome drink and gift to personal robes and slippers. Boutique hotels in Mexico are sometimes less centrally located with respect to major tourist cities, but they are excellent alternatives to Guadalajara hotels and those in other urban areas.

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