Huatulco is a fertile resort region along the Pacific Ocean in the southern state of Oaxaca. In the shadow of the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, this stunning destination area stretches out over 36 beaches along nine bays of coastline. The most popular destinations in Huatulco are the small towns of La Crucecita, Santa Cruz, Chahue and Tangolunda. This endeavor to retain much of Huatulco’s natural charm gives the resort area a unique small town charm. With the exception of Christmas and Easter, the beaches and towns of Huatulco Mexico are rarely ever crowded.

Officially called Bahias de Huatulco, this luxury resort area is the project of FONATUR, Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo, dedicated to Mexican tourism and ecology existing peacefully side-by-side. FONATUR has designated protected areas of Huatulco’s local vegetation, preserving nearly 70 percent of the land. Building is confined to only a few specified resort areas that are serviced by modern water and sewage treatment systems that do not dump into the bay. Furthermore, the enforcement of laws preventing damage to local flora and fauna, including turtle poaching, is strictly enforced. For these accomplishments, Huatulco is the only resort project in Mexico to receive Green Globe certification. FONATUR hopes to complete this project in 2020.

Santa Maria Huatulco

Santa Maria Huatulco
Santa Maria Huatulco  Image: uLe @ Dortmund (flickr)

During the implementation of FONATUR’s Huatulco project, most of the people displaced by the land protection moved 15 miles inland to Santa Maria Huatulco, the largest town in the development. While it is not the largest tourist attraction in Huatulco, the town offers a beautiful central piazza, a historic market, and a unique sampling of local breads. Near Santa Maria Huatulco is also where you can find Bahias de Huatulco International Airport, a lovely outdoor structure offering flights in and out of the area.

Huatulco Beach Vacations

Huatulco Beach Vacations
Huatulco Beach Vacations  Image: uLe @ Dortmund (flickr)

The largest tourist draw to Huatulco are the regions pristine Mexican beaches. While some beaches are large and easily accessible, some are small, offer more privacy, and are accessible only by boat. Local guides and tour operators are available to assist travelers in reaching these beaches. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular in the coral reefs off the beaches of Huatulco. The most popular beaches can be found near the resort towns of Santa Cruz, La Crucecita, and Tangolunda. From the calm waters and the sea life of the 800-foot-long Playa Santa Cruz and the golf course along Playa Tangolunda, to the fine white sand of Playa Conejos and the strong waves of Playa Esperanza, there is a type of beach and water activity for every kind of sun seeker in Huatulco Mexico.

Huatulco Resorts

Huatulco Resorts
Huatulco Resorts

There are several large, upscale resorts in Huatulco Mexico. The most popular include the Barceló Huatulco Resort, Dreams Huatulco Resort (pictured), and the Quinta Real Huatulco. All situated on the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean, these resorts spare no expense in comfortable luxury and delicious food. They also offer water sports rentals, wireless internet access, and swimming pools.

Huatulco Hotels

Huatulco Hotels
Huatulco Hotels  Image: buster19761976 (flickr)

Further inland, there are many well-rated hotels that offer a more traditional Mexican lodging experience. The small but popular Mision de los Arcos in La Crucecita combines clean, affordable rooms with top-notch service. Bed and breakfasts such as the Flor del Mar offer personalized touches and homemade meals. Condos and vacation rentals are also popular in Huatulco, including luxury oceanfront villas.

Top image: uLe @ Dortmund (flickr)

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