Ixtapa Hotels

The beach town of Ixtapa was truly created exclusively for tourists, and the hotels in Ixtapa are among some of the finest in Mexico hotels. While its close neighbor, Zihuatanejo exemplifies a laid-back beach town, Ixtapa is full of resorts that focus on comfort and luxury. Although the town of Ixtapa has little more then a few shops, the Ixtapa resorts have so many amenities that guests need never leave the grounds. For those looking to see Mexico, however, tours of the area can be easily booked at the front desk of most Ixtapa hotels. Below you will find information about some of the most prevalent hotels in Ixtapa, along with some additional accommodation options.

Hotels in Ixtapa

Hotels in Ixtapa range in price, although as a city built almost exclusively for tourism hotels in Ixtapa will tend toward the expensive side. Still, there are a number of excellent hotels in Ixtapa that provide clean and comfortable accommodation. For travelers looking to focus on fishing or other outdoor pursuits and simply want an inexpensive place to lay their head, Ixtapa hotels are the perfect choice for Ixtapa vacations. The less expensive Ixtapa hotels will be located closer to the downtown area, which has the added bonus of having shopping and restaurants conveniently located nearby.

Ixtapa Resorts

Ixtapa has one of the largest areas of Mexico hotels in the country. Ixtapa resorts are a major draw to the city. Ixtapa vacations are often centered on all-inclusive Ixtapa resorts, which offer meals as part of a room fee. All-inclusive Ixtapa resorts are an ideal choice for families and couples who plan to spend more time at their Ixtapa hotels and want the convenience of meals readily on hand. Ixtapa resorts have excellent food and guests will usually be quite pleased with their choices. If planning Ixtapa vacations at all inclusive resorts, it is often a good idea to check ahead and read restaurant reviews to ensure that the resort you choose offers food you will enjoy.

Some of the nicest Mexico hotels are found in Ixtapa. Typical Ixtapa vacations can vary, from families looking for a convenient place to relax with children, to couples searching for the perfect place to enjoy a romantic get away. With concierge service at most of the Ixtapa hotels, booking tours and scuba diving trips is quite convenient.



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