Kohunlich Ruins

The Kohunlich ruins are an archaeological site located on the Yucatan peninsula. Covering more than 20 acres, the Kohunlich Mayan ruins remain largely unexcavated. Visitors will see almost 200 mounds that have yet to be explored by archaeologists. Despite this fact, the central plaza is very impressive.

Travelers will find looming pyramids and temple platforms in this large area. The most famous feature of the Kohunlich Mayan ruins is the Temple of the Masks. Built to honor the sun god, this temple has an impressive collection of sculpture. These enormous masks reach eight feet in height and flank the stairway of the temple. Notably, this is one of the oldest structures in the ruins and was built around 500 AD. The stucco carvings could also represent leaders of Kohunlich.

This archaeological site is sometimes called the ruins in Chetumal, a Mexican town that is located about 37 miles away. The Kohunlich ruins are open daily, from 8 am until 5 pm, and restrooms are available on site. Bottled water is usually sold at the entrance, but don’t expect the full refreshments that are often available at other more popular Mayan ruins. The ruins and the Temple of the Masks weren’t discovered until 1967 when a local Mayan came across the site. Many travelers praise this site as being one of the more peaceful and serene of the Mayan ruins in the area.

Other archaeological sites in Mexico include the famous Chichen Itza, Tikal, and Tulum, and lesser known Calakmul, Comalcalco, and Ek Balam. If large palms and a secluded jungle atmosphere are what you have in mind for your Mayan adventure, hop in the car and head for Kohunlich—it’s a sight you won’t forget.

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