Loreto Mexico tourism is on the rise. Some travel industry experts even recommend the town as a top new world destination. Situated along the Gulf of California coast in the state of Baja California del Sur, the town was founded in 1697 by Spanish missionaries and developed into the center of the mission effort during the Spanish colonial period. Loreto was also the first capital of the Californias and the first European settlement on the Baja peninsula. Loreto’s history is reason enough to visit, and there are several historic landmarks around town that give testament to the past. Among them is the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto. This was where the first mission in the Californias was established in 1697. The current church was completed in 1752 and restored in 1976.

Loreto, Mexico
Loreto, Mexico

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Mexican government had visions of transforming Loreto into a resort destination to rival the likes of Cancun and Los Cabos. A golf course was built, as was a championship tennis facility, and the town’s infrastructure got some attention. To the near south in Nopolo, an international airport and a marina sprung up to serve the needs of travelers, but tourism just didn’t take off as anticipated. You might even say that Loreto is still more akin to a simple fishing town than it is to a thriving resort. Alas, the simplicity of Loreto is perhaps its main calling card. Relaxtion is easy to achieve here, and should you be up for some activity, you can explore the historic town center or whisk away to tranquil offshore islands.

Loreto Mexico Beaches

Loreto Mexico Beaches
Loreto Mexico Beaches

If pristine stretches of sand and sparkling coves suit your fancy, then Loreto just might be your ideal destination for Mexico beach vacations. Starting in town, there’s the centrally located Main Beach with its long esplanade and its nearby coffee shops, bars, and cafes. There’s a lot of activity at Main Beach, and it is definitely worth soaking up the atmosphere. Heading outside of town, nearby Nopolo Beach is where you will find the sustainable resort community of Loreto Bay, which boasts small white sand beaches and views of El Carmen Island. Further away, yet still just a short drive away is Ensenada Blanca, where snorkeling, admiring offshore volcanic land masses, and enjoying romantic sunset strolls figure among the preferred activities. Finally, no discussion about the Loreto Mexico beaches would be complete without also mentioning the especially pristine and relaxing beaches that are found on the five islands that are within easy reach. Jagged mountains serve as a backdrop for these divine strips of sand, and if you want to get active, you can try your hand at such activities as sailing, kayaking, fishing, and diving.

Loreto Mexico Hotels

Loreto Mexico Hotels
Loreto Mexico Hotels  Image: Hotel Santa Fe

The Loreto Mexico hotels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many are inexpensive and unique, offering what is more indicative of what travelers used to find all over Mexico. Places where friendly owners also serve as the operators of their respective hotels. Development has brought several resorts to the Loreto area, though, so you can choose to go with the resort experience over a smaller, more intimate hotel. Eco lodges, hostels, and condos are just some of the other Loreto Mexico lodging options. In short, you won’t want for choices when trying to find your ideal travel base in this developing, yet still relatively tranquil destination.

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