Mazatlan Mexico

Mazatlan Mexico is one of the largest cities in Mexico, located on the Pacific Coast just opposite the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Native tribes who fished the plentiful ocean waters initially settled Mazatlan Mexico. By the nineteenth century, however, Spanish businessmen began arriving to transform the quiet village into a major port for passing ships and vessels. Eventually Mazatlan Mexico developed into one of the most important ports in the country and remains a thriving beachfront city.

Mexico Mazatlan
Mexico Mazatlan

Despite its size, Mazatlan is still a more rural destination then many of its busier counterparts. Unlike Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan has managed to retain much of its quiet charm. Travelers will find that Mazatlan still showcases Mexican beauty at its best with pristine beaches and wonderful local charm.

That local charm makes Mazatlan restaurants among the most delightful in Mexico. Mazatlan restaurants feature fresh seafood daily along side excellent native treats. Many tourists are surprised to find that Mazatlan restaurants are also heavily influenced by German traditions. In the 19th century, Germans were among the most prominent groups to immigrate to the city, and today the town still upholds German traditions. Excellent German fare can be found in some sections of the city.

Perhaps the most popular way to pass the time in Mazatlan is by deep-sea fishing. Mazatlan fishing is famous throughout the world most specifically for billfish and shrimp. Mazatlan fishing is popular between fishing enthusiast and fishing beginners alike. Boats for a Mazatlan fishing trip can be rented at various spot throughout the city, and travelers will want to book their reservations far in advance during the winter months. Tourists can book passage on a Mazatlan fishing boat as part of a larger tour, or they may choose to rent a private boat for independent fishing trips. Fishing licenses are required in Mazatlan and can be obtained in the city.

Mazatlan offers a nice range of accommodation options for travelers. Since Mazatlan is not yet a thriving hotspot for tourists, rates at hotels tend to be less expensive then some of the more popular Mexican destinations. This is great news for any travelers looking for a less expensive vacation option. Mazatlan vacation packages are widely available and often combine a deep-sea fishing trip with hotel accommodation and a flight to Mazatlan. Mazatlan vacation packages are also a great choice for families and can often be an excellent way to take advantage of lower rates. In general, rates are highest in Mazatlan between October and February, for folks looking for budget Mazatlan vacation packages will want to try booking during the spring or summer.

The city is one of the last great beach resorts in Mexico to escape the Mexican tourism boom and offers a gorgeous getaway for a relaxing vacation. No matter when you choose to plan your Mazatlan vacation, you"ll enjoy all that the city has to offer.

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