Mazatlan Beach Hotels

Mazatlan beach hotels help visitors maximize their trip to the golden shores and turquoise waters of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. While there are also options for cheap hotels, upgrading to one of the hotels on the beach is well worth a little extra money. Many rooms have sweeping ocean views, allowing visitors to watch the sun rise or set, and maybe even catch sight of a few whales swimming by. The best beach hotels in Mazatlan are the ones that offer great views, but also plenty of amenities and an authentic feel too. Unlike more generic resorts in Cancun or Cabo, Mazatlan has retained its distinct Mexican identity, so choose a hotel that will deliver culture too.

Beach Hotels
Beach Hotels

When researching Mazatlan beach hotels, travelers will come across many chain options. While some visitors find comfort in an established brand, these options can also lack in authenticity. Some of these options include Ramada, Howard Johnson, Holiday Inn, and Best Western. Travelers who are willing to do a bit more research will come up with the best beach hotels in Mazatlan. El Rancho Hotel and Beach Resort for example is picture perfect with its thatched umbrellas, peaceful hot tubs, and fully-equipped villas. Another option is Playa Mazatlan, a larger hotel with great options for adventure activities including snorkeling, water skiing, horseback riding and more.

Mazatlan Beach Hotels
Mazatlan Beach Hotels

Many of the Mazatlan beach hotels are ideal for families. While almost all of the hotels are in walking distance to the beach, parents with young kids will prefer to be located as close to the beach as possible. This will remove any hassle from your trip if you forget something in the room. Beach hotels are known for their safety and security as well. One of the beach hotels with the best views is the Faro Mazatlan. This hotel is perched on a cliff, and all the rooms have that perfect view of the Pacific to watch the sun set. This Faro is also known for its private beach, guaranteeing a quieter experience than some of the other beach hotels.

Every traveler will have their own strong opinion about the best beach hotels in Mazatlan. Some prefer the El Cid Marina Beach hotel (pictured) while others rave about Hotel Casa Lucila. One thing people love about this boutique hotel is the spacious terraces with stunning ocean views. Every hotel offers a little slice of paradise. At Balboa Towers you can place your beach chair underneath a palm tree for a little afternoon shade. If you want to be right in the Golden Zone, choose the Fiesta Inn Mazatlan for its location and views. Hacienda Mazatlan is another choice located not far from the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Another option travelers should consider is villas or vacation rentals. Many of these offer beachfront locations and sometimes they can have extra space in comparison to hotel rooms. Some hotels also offer villas, complete with kitchens, which allow visitors to prepare some of their own meals. If you’re planning a long trip, you might get sick of eating at restaurants every day and a kitchen will come in handy. Whether you choose Mazatlan luxury hotels or a quaint oceanfront option, you are sure to fall for this pristine beach on the Pacific shores of Mexico.

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