Mazatlan Beaches

Mazatlan beaches are unquestionably the biggest attraction of this town on the Pacific Coast. The range of beaches offers solitude, entertainment, relaxation, and adventure, suiting any travelers who plan a vacation here. Mazatlan is one of Mexico’s best beach destinations, with some of the longest stretches of sand in the country. The water temperatures are comfortable year-round, so you can go surfing or scuba diving whenever you visit. From the remote beaches on Isla de la Piedra to the party beaches along the Zona Dorada, there is something for every traveler on a beach vacation in Mazatlan.

The range of things to do on the beaches is often related to which beach you happen to be visiting. For instance, Playa Brujas is among the best beaches in Mazatlan for surfing. Located just north of the city, Playa Brujas has the best-rated swells and waves among local surfers. If you’re looking for other places to surf, Playa Los Pinos and Playa Olas Altas are also popular, and Olas Altas is also one of the best places for shopping and strolling along the promenade, making it a great beach if you plan to spend a full day in one area but want to try a lot of different things.


Should you be more in the mood for a lively party or two, Playa Sabalo and Playa Las Gaviotas are among the most exciting Mazatlan beaches. These destinations fill up quickly during the college Spring Break, which draws hundreds of students in search of warm weather and a good time. In these areas, the nightlife that’s famous in the Zona Dorada spills out onto the nearby beaches, and it’s guaranteed to be entertaining.

Also near the Golden Zone beaches is a somewhat unique sport that takes place each day, cliff diving; vacationers often pay a few dollars in tips to watch the traditional sport taking place, and while this is a popular sport in other places, such as Acapulco, it is somewhat more dangerous here, as the waters are much shallower. Divers watch for large swells before leaping off the edge of the cliff, soaring through the air, and plunging into the sparkling waters waiting below.

Some of the beaches are quite a distance from city center, and just getting there can be the most enticing part of the experience. The journey to Deer Island, for instance, can be done via kayak, boat rentals, and organized tours. The beaches along the Isla de Venados are significantly less crowded than their counterparts in the city, offering a great chance to take a break from the busiest parts of the city. Similarly, Isla de la Piedra, or Stone Island, is also known for the tranquility and relative isolation of its beaches. The four-mile stretch of sand here is filled with thatch-roofed palapas and plenty of opportunities to lie back, relax, and watch the city of Mazatlan from a distance.

From strolling to surfing, the best beaches in Mazatlan provide a range of activities for travelers, making it easy to design a vacation that suits you perfectly, no matter how you plan to spend your time in Mexico. If you plan on spending as many hours as possible along the sand, you can also check out the beach hotels in Mazatlan, which often have beautiful views of azure waters of the Pacific.

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