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Mazatlan cheap hotels are the accommodation choice for you if you’re considering traveling to the Pacific Coast of Mexico on a tight budget. A larger group of travelers might find a better deal at a vacation rental or villa, but in general, cheap hotels in Mazatlan offer the best price per night. Some travelers who aren’t as tight on money still choose these hotels for one reason: You don’t spend much time at the hotel during a beach vacation, so why spend most of your travel budget on a room you won’t be in? If you’re the type of traveler who is thinking about whale watching, sunbathing and snorkeling, and enjoying the nightlife, then choosing cheap accommodation is a great start to a Mazatlan vacation.

The first thing to know about Mazatlan cheap accommodation is that prices here will be lower than you’re used to. Mazatlan isn’t as developed as Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, and as a result, beach hotels and even some luxury hotels aren’t as expensive as travelers assume. Before you go and book Mazatlan cheap hotels, be sure to do your research and compare prices. You might be surprised to learn that a villa on the beach with an ocean view is within your price range. On the other hand, if you’re backpacking or are on a very small budget, cheap hotels in Mazatlan are the way to go.

One obvious factor that separates Mazatlan cheap accommodation from other hotels is location. While there are a few cheap beachfront options, many of the others are a short walk away from the action. Some travelers don’t mind a short walk, while others find this to be a hassle, especially if you forgot something in the room and are forced to go back and forth. Cheap hotels are usually in the two and three star region, and options include Azteca Inn, Hotel Quijote Inn, and Sands Las Arenas. There are also Mazatlan cheap hotels operated by chains, such as Holiday Inn and Best Western.

What these chain cheap hotels in Mazatlan don’t offer in culture, they do offer in good prices and amenities. Many travelers shy away from chain hotels because they don’t offer an authentic experience, but at the same time, there’s plenty of authenticity beyond the door of the hotel too. In Mazatlan you won’t be forced to choose chain hotels to stay on a budget. There are even some affordable options located right on the beach, including Balboa Towers and Hotel La Siesta (pictured). These hotels tend to be older than some of their counterparts with oceanfront locations, so when choosing, check to see which ones have had renovations in the past ten years.

The best part about Mazatlan cheap accommodation is that for a rock-bottom price, there are still amenities included. Many of these hotels offer beaches, have gorgeous gardens, and have bars and restaurants too. For less than $50 a night, you can choose between Hotel Suites del Real, Hotel La Siesta, and Sands Mazatlan Las Arenas. If you’re willing to spend another $10 or so a night, more options include Las Palmas and Hotel Olas Atlas Inn. When you divide this cost with your traveling buddies, that’s an incredibly affordable room! Extra money can be spent on snorkeling, deep sea fishing, surfing, and more.

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