Mazatlan Diving and Snorkeling

Mazatlan diving is perfect if you want to add a little outdoor adventure to your Mexican getaway. This destination on the Pacific Coast of Mexico has excellent scuba diving and snorkeling—but this is also a relatively well-kept secret. Not too many travelers plan an entire trip for Mazatlan snorkeling, but they should. Islands off the coast of Mazatlan are ideal for a lazy day of snorkeling or a scuba diving tour. Here visitors will find a great diversity of marine fauna that hasn’t been interrupted by too many divers. The tropical beauty of these islands will make you want to give up sunbathing and stay in the water for your whole trip.

Adventurous travelers will have plenty more activities to try other than Mazatlan diving too. Deep sea fishing is one of the most popular excursions here, along with surfing, sailing, whale watching, and boat tours. Many travelers wonder whether they should go for Mazatlan snorkeling or make the commitment to go scuba diving. While there is no right answer for every visitor, there are a few key criteria that might be able to help you decide between these two activities. First of all, snorkeling is the cheaper option. Visitors can sign up for a snorkeling tour, or even bring their own equipment (or rent equipment) and hit the water.

Mazatlan diving on the other hand is the more expensive option of the two. Participants must be certified to scuba dive. Some travelers received their certification in other destinations, but if you don’t have your certification, you can also take the class in Mazatlan. This usually means a couple hours spent in the pool learning about the equipment and what to do in certain situations. Once you earn your certification, you will be ready to take your first dive. A number of different kinds of tours are available, which vary in length and intensity. However they do all have one thing in common: they deliver outrageous sights of undersea creatures.

Some travelers choose Mazatlan snorkeling over scuba diving because they are worried about the quality of diving tour guides. This fear is not justified, as there are many diving companies in Mazatlan that professional and fully certified. Be sure to choose one of these companies. If you’re looking for a recommendation, your hotel should be able to connect you with a knowledgeable guide. One trusted tour company is Mazatlan Tours, which offers fully certified diving trips around the three islands of Pajaros, Venados, and Lobos. Not only are tropical fish abundant here, but the calm waters create ideal conditions for scuba divers.

Are you wondering what you might see during a diving or snorkeling trip? After you plunge into the warm waters of Mazatlan you will see manta rays, the remains of sunken ships, tropical fish, and even big game fish such as a sailfish. Most tour companies operate every day of the week (some are closed on Sundays). If you have your heart set on scuba diving in Mazatlan but you are traveling on a budget, look into making reservations before you arrive. Some tour companies will provide discounts for those who make reservations in advance. However, reservations aren’t required until the day of, leaving plenty of room for spontaneous travelers too. Whether you choose snorkeling or diving, the marine life here is sure to dazzle.

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