Mazatlan flights arrive daily from the US, Canada, and Europe, and with plenty of vacation deals and packages available, it’s easier to find an affordable flight than many travelers might think. Mazatlan’s airport provides vacationers plenty of transportation options including onsite major car rental companies, public buses, taxis, and shuttles to take you to your hotel. To choose the best Mazatlan flights to fit your vacation itinerary, knowing some of the major events taking place can help determine optimum travel times.

Flights to Mazatlan
Flights to Mazatlan

Finding the best airfare to Mazatlan often involves planning your vacation itinerary ahead of time, but last-minute travelers can get deals as well, as many hotels and airlines offer cheap flights to Mazatlan as the date of travel gets closer and closer. Depending on the time of year you plan to travel to Mexico, you’ll find different ranges of Mazatlan flights.

During the winter, Mazatlan draws many visitors from the snowy regions of North America, but it is less crowded than the peak spring weeks when college students arrive on spring break, or during the summer months, when families travel during their children’s school breaks. An advantage for travelers that comes outside peak seasons is that they can often find a variety of discounted airfares to Mazatlan, as well as package deals at resorts. However, Mazatlan’s year-round good weather and well-established tourism industry means that there is not the same kind of off-season low as in destinations that are less pleasant year round.

There are many airlines serving the city of Mazatlan. Although Mexicana has recently been suspending its flights due to bankruptcy, there are several options for flights from various places in North America. Alaska Airlines flies to Mazatlan from cities around the US, though nonstop service to Mexico is limited to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Phoenix. Aeromexico, which serves Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, and many other major urban areas, flies to Mazatlan via connections through larger airports in Mexico.

Continental Airlines flights to Mexico as well, based from its hubs in Houston and Newark, New Jersey, with a few new routes added from San Antonio and McAllen, Texas. Frontier Airlines, which is based in Denver, has daily service from its hub to several cities in Mexico, including Mazatlan, and USAir also has Mazatlan flights beginning from its use hubs in Charlotte, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia. It’s also possible to buy your tickets through search engines such as the booking widget on this site, which can help you save money by combining tickets on multiple airlines for your vacation.

Seeking an all inclusive vacation that includes airfare to Mazatlan is one of the best options for saving money, as well as ensuring you have a relaxing, worry-free trip, as all of the logistics are taken care of before your arrive. Vacation packages are reliably one of the best ways to find cheap flights, and even if you don’t find an all inclusive package that’s to your liking, combining Mazatlan hotels, flights, and even car rentals if you choose is often a good option for value.

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