Mazatlan Luxury Hotels

Mazatlan luxury hotels will top off golden sunsets and the shimmering Pacific Ocean like nothing else. If you’re planning an indulgent trip to Mexico, these are well worth the cost. While there are many choices for beach hotels, villas, and even cheap hotels in Mazatlan, nothing will make your trip quite as memorable as 5 star hotels in Mazatlan. These choices are full of amenities, spas, golf courses, concierge services, restaurants, and anything else a traveler could wish for. Mazatlan is one of those destinations where if you spend a little bit more, you receive a lot more value.

Travelers with an open budget might have a hard time narrowing down which Mazatlan luxury hotels to pick. Many of them are in the same price range and offer similar amenities. However, taking a closer look at the amenities list might help you make a choice. Are you a golfer? If so, you might want to choose one of the 5 star hotels in Mazatlan that offers easy access to golf. Other travelers might be most concerned about an oceanfront location, a spa for relaxing massages, or the latest hot spot. Whatever your criteria is, this will help you narrow down your choices.

In Mazatlan, luxury hotels can also mean family-friendly hotels. The Emporio Mazatlan Resort for example, is a five-star hotel that is known for welcoming families. Rooms here are wide and spacious, and large pools will keep your kids happy for days on end. Some Mazatlan luxury hotels offer more exclusive locations than others. The Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay for example is a beautiful getaway-style resort with a new, exclusive location. Instead of being packed onto the same beaches as budget hotels, this hotel is located in a newer, quieter area of Mazatlan.

Some travelers might be looking for 5 star hotels in Mazatlan with names that they know and trust. Since 2009, the Riu Emerald Bay has been that hotel. Travelers trust the Riu brand for its amenities, comfort, and luxurious touches. An exclusive location also plays part in this hotel’s appeal. On the other hand, you might be the type of traveler that prefers a more relaxed hotel. The perfect match would be the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan, a five-star charming resort known for luring return guests back year after year. The best part about Mazatlan is that while it is not as built up as say Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, there are still plenty of choices for accommodation.

One last option that luxury travelers might want to consider is villas. There are many vacation rentals, often with oceanfront views, that can rival even the best luxury hotels. If you would like added amenities such as a kitchen and laundry facilities, a villa might be a better match than a hotel. Depending on the villa, the time of year, and availability—these can often be even more affordable than luxury hotels. Luxury travelers will have to make a few difficult decisions when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay, but knowing what type of atmosphere and amenities you’re looking for will assist you in narrowing down the attractive options.

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