Macaws at Casa de Leyendas

Macaws at Casa de Leyendas serves guests of the bed and breakfast inn in the heart of Mazatlan. This charming historic district just minutes from the Pacific Ocean has a long and interesting history. The same can be said of historic building where the restaurant is located. At one point in its past, it was used as a storehouse for gold bullion. For many years, it was the home of a doctor and mayor before it was transformed into the inn.

It’s easy to find the Casa de Leyendas restaurants right in the lobby of the 8,000-square-foot inn. Just take a few steps into the lobby, and there’s Macaws. As much a bar as it is a deli and restaurant, Macaws serves good food at a good price. You won’t see a lot of exotic food on the menu that’s hard to pronounce. Macaws at Casa de Leyendas specializes in what they like to call “gringo-friendly” food. That means sandwiches and sides to please every palate, served alongside cold drinks and tasty cocktails.

The Pacifico is a specialty of the house—the cocktail combines three parts tequila with two parts passion fruit juice and 1 part lemon, all topped with a slice of lime. Of course, other drinks are on the menu, including bloody Marys and mimosas, which are a favorite at breakfast. Macaws also serves up soft drinks and coffee.

While the cantina is open for lunch and dinner, breakfast is another matter entirely. During the morning meal, the terrace transforms into one of the Casa de Leyendas restaurants. It’s also served in the interior breakfast room, and guests of the Carnival Room, Peralta Room, or one of the others can request to have a private meal. Wherever it is served, breakfast includes a spread of fresh fruit, like kiwis and pineapples, accompanied by freshly made pastries and heartier entrees, both Mexican and American style.

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