Malecon Mazatlan

The Malecon Mazatlan borders a beautiful stretch of beach ideal for strolling and relaxing during afternoon outings. If you’re interested in learning more about local culture or just soaking up the sunshine, a visit to the Mazatlan waterfront is the perfect thing to add to your list of things to do while on vacation. Walking is one of the best ways to experience this part of the city, particularly if you want to spend a long time watching the amazing cliff diving in Mazatlan, a traditional sport that takes place in the area.

The city of Mazatlan was founded in 1531, and along with the despite another area carrying the name Centro Historico, the Mazatlan waterfront is the true historical center, as it was the base of the fishing industry. As the city grew, it expanded northward, and the excellent fishing opportunities in the naturally protected cove attracted fishermen by the dozens. Today, there are more than 800 fishing boats based in Mazatlan. One of the few large cities in Mexico that can lay claim to another source of income besides tourism, the Mazatlan waterfront is a celebrated feature of the city, not only for its beauty but for its position as a valuable asset of revenue, allowing the city to be independent of relying on fickle vacation plans if hard times should arrive.

Malecon Bicycling
Malecon Bicycling

Exploring the Malecon Mazatlan can be an all-day event if you like, and it’s a very pleasant place to be, no matter how long you spend here. The Malecon stretches between three and four miles, from the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) to Old Mazatlan, and almost everything in the city’s tourism industry centers on the Malecon. The city’s best beaches are easily accessible from the promenade, including Playa Olas Altas, Playa Norte, and Playa Gaviotas, so if you’re interested in sunbathing, surfing, or shore fishing, then this is the ideal place to start. It’s also an easy place to arrange area tours or excursions out the islands off the coast of the city.

Mazatlan Monuments
Mazatlan Monuments

One of the most unusual ways to tour the Malecon Mazatlan is by an interesting form of local transportation: the Pulmonia, which is used by locals and visitors alike. These taxis are built on the chassis of old Volkswagens, and they’re unique to the city of Mazatlan, so riding in one is an opportunity like no other, beyond just a chance to get out of the sun or give your legs a rest as you watch local fisherman hauling their boats in or other tourists basking in the warm sunshine.

Malecon Beach Dining
Malecon Beach Dining

In addition to the variety of local sights and encounters of everyday life, there is one traditional pastime that takes place in the area that many people are thrilled to see. Cliff diving in Mazatlan is a stirring sight, and it’s worth seeing if you’re on a trip here. The practice has been going on since 1961, and that because of a simple bet between two men—the original diving veterans of the bet, at 65 years old, are still participating in the sport today. Witnesses are requested to offer tips for each dive, and what a sight, as the divers plunge over the side of a cliff into the depth of five feet and sometimes even less.

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