Mazatlan Airport

The Mazatlan airport is likely to be your first stop once you finish dreaming of the golden sands and turquoise waters of a Mexican beach vacation and start tackling the practicalities. There are hotels to choose from, airlines to research, and flights to book. Luckily the Mazatlan Mexico Airport welcomes domestic, international, and charter flights, making it easy and simple to visit this sun-drenched destination. The first thing potential visitors should know is that Mazatlan Airport is a bit of a drive away from the action. Expect at least 30 minutes in a taxi for a cost of approximately $25 to reach your hotel. Some travelers also use shuttles or rent a car, but taxis are safe and affordable too.

Before you can think about ground transportation though, you’re going to need a flight in the first place. There are several airlines that fly to Mazatlan. If you are flying from within Mexico, domestic carriers include AeroMexico and Magni Charters. Most visitors will be interested in international airlines that fly to Mazatlan, and this list includes American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest, and US Airways. The Mazatlan airport is also friendly to charter airlines, so this is an option for reaching the Pacific shores of Mexico as well.

Another common question travelers have about the Mazatlan Mexico Airport is the availability of rental cars. While some people choose to simply relax on the beaches of Mazatlan, other adventurous travelers choose to rent a car and explore. There are several rental car companies operating at the airport including Budget, Europcar, and Hertz. In almost every situation, you will get the best rate by booking online before arrival, such as through the booking widget on this page. Some travelers wait until the last minute when they arrive at Mazatlan Airport to enquire about renting a car, but at this point, you will have fewer options and probably pay a higher rate.

The airport code for the Mazatlan Mexico Airport is MZT. This will help travelers when researching available flights. If you’re traveling on a budget, one strategy is to look for vacation packages. There are deals that combine airfare, hotels, and sometimes even transport and meals too. The one downside about these packages is that they aren’t able to be changed (for example, you may have to accept certain hotels) but at the same time, they will leave you with extra money for fun excursions such as whale watching, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, and more. Mazatlan is a gorgeous place to work on your sun tan, but there’s plenty to see and do here as well.

Once you choose from the list of airlines that fly to Mazatlan and book your flight, the fun begins. This Pacific Coast destination is known for being less built up than Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, delivering more authentic culture and cuisine. Once you arrive, after a 30-minute taxi drive, all the pleasures of Mazatlan will be at your fingertips. From surfing lessons to boat tours to snorkeling and scuba diving, the options are truly endless along this stretch of the Mexican coast. With options for budget travelers, luxury travelers, and everyone in between, you will realize why so many people choose to return to Mazatlan year after year.

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