Playa Gaviotas

Playa Gaviotas, located just north of Playa Camaron, is part of the Zona Dorada, which is the busiest tourism area of Mazatlan, and this beach is never dull. The waves along Playa Gaviotas are relatively gentle, making it unpopular with surfers but very popular among those seeking a good place to swim and relax on the sand that’s close to plenty of restaurants and hotels.

Playa Gaviotas
Playa Gaviotas

Also featured among the sandy shores of the Golden Zone, Playa Las Gaviotas Mazatlan displays all of those qualities and characteristics that one might expect from hearing the name, Zona Dorada. Soft golden sands, dazzling sunsets, and the bustling crowd of visitors and locals. This beach is also an excellent place to be if you’re looking to book tours or excursions out to the islands, or to take fishing trips and rent scuba gear.

Playa Las Gaviotas Mazatlan is perfect if you want to combine a beach trip with other things to do, such as shopping or trying the local restaurants, or if you want to spend time at a beach that’s very close to your hotel. The Golden Zone is always lively, and it’s one of the most popular parts of the city during Spring Break, meaning that for a few weeks each spring, the sands at Playa Gaviotas are filled with college students enjoying warm weather and a break from school.

The gradually sloping soft sands at Playa Gaviotas distinguish it from the steeper beach at Camaron, and farther north, the beach changes its name and becomes known as Playa Sabalo.

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