Stone Island Mazatlan

Stone Island Mazatlan offers a pleasant and long stretch of beach that’s perfect for a restful afternoon in the sun. Located just east of Mazatlan, Stone Island, which is in fact a peninsula, is a popular destination for surfing, strolling, or lying on the sand. The scenery in the area is one of its best features, with beautiful beaches lined with groves of coconut palms and with palapas, thatch-roofed, open-air buildings that are popular along Mexican beaches. With four miles of sand, this destination is perfect if you’re looking to escape the crowds for a few hours during your Mazatlan vacation and enjoy some peace along the Pacific Coast.

Stone Island Boats
Stone Island Boats

At one time an island just off the coast, Isla de la Piedra was ultimately transformed into a peninsula. Using construction rubbish from the Mazatlan airport, the island was joined with the mainland; however, Stone Island Mazatlan has retained its original name. It’s possible to reach the island both by land and sea, with cars traveling along the International Southbound Highway and taking a turn toward Isla de la Piedra just before reaching the Mazatlan International Airport. By sea, you can travel via ferry, tour boat, or a panga, which is the local version of a skiff.

Stone Island Beach
Stone Island Beach

The Stone Island beaches are filled with coconut groves, planted and cultivated by local farmers, and thatched roofed restaurants and establishments that offer fine cuisine and the ultimate beach vacation experience. The sights are as lovely and picturesque as they come, and the things to do include some of the best outdoor activities in the city, from surfing to just dozing in the afternoon sun. Lying on a hammock and sipping a tasty drink is a popular way to spend time along this lovely beach, before heading to a thatch-roof restaurant to try local cuisine.

Stone Island Musicians
Stone Island Musicians

Beyond simply enjoying the sights and relaxing, vacationers can engage in a variety of activities, including surfing, boating, sports, and horseback riding. Amply sized waves break along the shores of Stone Island Mazatlan, making it a common meeting place for surfers and those in the mood for learning the sport. Simple pleasures and plenty of adventures await visitors on the shores of this part of Mazatlan, where vacationers can participate in a game of volleyball, endeavor in a bit of trekking or riding, and even take a ride on a gigantic banana boat in the shallows.

Stone Island Hotel
Stone Island Hotel

Organized tours of Isla de la Piedra and the surrounding area are offered by various companies, and they usually have different themes as well. Especially popular among many vacationers is the Jungle Tour, which carries tourists into the various inlets and mangroves along the coast; lunch and refreshments are offered during a stop at a local farm on this tour of Stone Island. Other tours last for a day or a half-day and focus on local wildlife, such as the sea lions that inhabit nearby Turtle Rock. In addition to water tours, land-based tours are popular as well, with ATVs being a big draw among travelers to this Mazatlan attraction.

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