Mazatlan Surfing

Mazatlan surfing is often one of the most appealing on the long list of adventurous activities in this popular destination. If you’ve always dreamed of surfing lessons in the warm Pacific Ocean, then a trip to Mazatlan is the perfect time to take your first lesson. It doesn’t require the time commitment or certification of scuba diving, but it is more physically challenging than spending a day on a deep sea fishing excursion or relaxing on the beach. This fun activity is appropriate no matter what your experience level. Local experts know Mazatlan surf spots for beginners, intermediate surfers, and advanced ones too.

Mazatlan Surfing
Mazatlan Surfing

When you choose Mazatlan surfing, all of the equipment you need will be provided. You don’t need your own surfboard or your own wet suit to participate; rental fees are typically included in the price of your lesson. If you’re an experienced surfer who hasn’t brought your own board to Mazatlan, it is also possible to rent from one of these companies. The one thing to know about Mazatlan surf shops is that they can become booked when cruise ships are in port. If you have a specific day where you want to take surfing lessons, be sure to book in advance.

If you’re interested in Mazatlan surfing, there are many ways to choose a company. Some travelers prefer to ask for a recommendation at their hotel, and this is often a successful tactic. Employees at hotels often know down to the name of the best instructor for surfing. Another strategy is to do your research online before you leave home. Some surf companies offer discounts for travelers who make reservations online. Examples of some local companies that offer experienced, expert surfers as teachers include Mazatlan Surf Center, East Pac Surf, and Jah Surf School.

If you’re an experienced surfer, you might not need lessons at all but would still be seeking information on the best Mazatlan surf spots. The good news is that Mazatlan typically doesn’t see crowds, even at the best swells. There are several areas to choose from both in the city and outside of Mazatlan, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. Some of the best options within the city include Stone Island, Olas Altas, Los Pinos, Camaron, Riviera, Cerritos, and Jacarandas. Knowing the names of these Mazatlan surf spots will lead to some of the best surfing that this region has to offer.

Other travelers don’t want to participate in Mazatlan surfing, but sure enjoy watching the locals show off their skills. There is a devoted group of local surfers here who will make the sport look easy, perhaps enticing you to try your first surf lesson. These lessons typically begin on the beach with a demonstration instructing you how to paddle, how to stand up on a wave, and safety tips. After getting the movement down, you’ll hit the water and try your new skills on small waves. After a few wipeouts, you’ll be standing up on the board and surfing in no time!

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