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Mazatlan tours might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a relaxing trip to Mexico, but the truth is, there is such a wide range that you might find your days quickly starting to fill up with activities. From scuba diving to deep sea fishing, sailing to kayaking, whale watching to horseback riding, the options are just about endless for staying fit and active during a trip to Mazatlan. So if you’re wondering what the best tours of Mazatlan Mexico are, the answer is you may have to try more than one to come up with an answer for yourself.

The most popular of all Mazatlan tours is a deep sea fishing excursion. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or giving the activity a try for the first time, fishing tours here are excellent. Knowledgeable guides will bring you out for a morning (or afternoon) on the boat, providing all necessary equipment and licenses. You can expect to catch a variety of fish, including everything from tuna and marlin to dorado and snapper. A variety of tours suit different price ranges. You can have your own private fishing tour complete with drinks and lunch, or you can choose a more budget option.

Mazatlan Tour Boat
Mazatlan Tour Boat

Some travelers think that the best tours of Mazatlan Mexico are whale watching tours. This is an experience that many travelers dream of and few have the opportunity to make come true. Depending on the season and your budget, a whale watching tour will definitely be one of the most memorable moments of your trip. Beyond whale watching, there are plenty of other options for boat tours too. Choose between a sunset sail, a snorkeling trip, or a scuba diving excursion. These options will all get you out on the gorgeous Pacific, providing excellent views of the coastline.

Mazatlan Tour Bus
Mazatlan Tour Bus

Mazatlan tours on boats aren’t the only options in this Mexican destination. If you love horseback riding, get ready to go trotting on the beach. The best times are at sunset or sunrise when the beach is especially dramatic and the sun isn’t too hot. Other on-land tours include sightseeing tours, ATV tours, or mountain biking. Athletic travelers will have several choices to keep up their fitness during a trip to Mazatlan including all of these activities and surfing too. Signing up for a tour ensures that a local expert can help you to maximize your time, and is often worth the financial investment.

Mazatlan Pelican
Mazatlan Pelican

Sometimes the best tours of Mazatlan Mexico are the ones that allow your family or group to spend time together. Whether you choose to charter a boat for some fun in the sun or watch a humpback whale breaking the water in graceful dives, your Mazatlan tour will be the cherry on top to a great vacation. If you try and save a little money on accommodation through vacation rentals or cheap hotels you might be able to splurge even further on these appealing tours. A local expert can often shed light on the culture, landscape, and traditions while at the same time providing a safe and fun tour.

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