Mazatlan Transportation

Mazatlan Car Rentals
Mazatlan Car Rentals

Mazatlan car rentals are an easy option for transportation around the city, and the range of vehicles available makes it easy to explore the region, whether you’re looking for an off-road SUV, compact car, or an economy van for large groups. There are several rental agencies located around the city, including Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise, and AGA Rent a Car. In addition to simply renting a car, travelers can also hire limo services or cars with drivers to take you to and from area attractions.

Mazatlan Driving
Mazatlan Driving

At the international airport, there are several Mazatlan car rentals available. Reservations can be made individually, such as through the booking widget on this page, or as part of a vacation package, which is often a good option for budget travelers, as it can help save a lot of money on accommodations and transportation. Car rental agencies at the Mazatlan airport include National Car Rental, Ace Rent a Car, and Budget Car Rentals.

If you’d rather not worry about driving during your vacation, there are numerous options to get you from the airport to almost any of the Mazatlan hotels. The Mazatlan buses, shuttles, taxis, limos, and vans take passengers to and from the airport and can be a budget-friendly option as well, particularly through the shared services that make two or three stops rather than taking solo travelers directly to their hotel.

Mazatlan Pulmonia
Mazatlan Pulmonia

Once you’re in the city, Mazatlan has a well-developed public transportation system that will easily take you anywhere you’d like to go, from the center of the tourism industry in the Zona Dorada to the historical district in Old Mazatlan. If they’re using Mazatlan buses, travelers have two types of routes available. One covers the main tourist area along the beaches and the downtown district, while the other is for local buses that serve the entire city. Each type of bus has a designation or sign posted on the windshield noting the route it takes. Both types of buses are relatively inexpensive.

A scenic alternative mode of transportation for vacationers are the Mazatlan ferries where you can book a ferry trip or an extended cruise. Mazatlan ferries travel to such places as La Paz and Baja California Sur. A multi-hour cruise provides an added vacation excursion allowing guests to experience the views while enjoying a leisurely cruise aboard comfortable Mazatlan ferries.

Ferries range in passenger size to accommodate from 200 to 900 passengers. Guests on the smaller ferry can book a comfortable stateroom with private bathroom, enjoy the services of a cafeteria, and bar. The larger Mazatlan ferries have a separate deck for cars as well as staterooms with private bathroom, restaurant service, and bar. If you’d like to get a couple of days away from the city or plan to explore multiple parts of Mexico’s Pacific Coast during your vacation, these can be the perfect way to get around.

Finally, an excellent transportation option to attractions in the city is arranging pick-up service at your hotel from one of the many taxis in Mazatlan. These can take you to area restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, and other points of interest, and fares are negotiable and often quite cheap. Along with the traditional taxis, a popular mode of transportation that’s unique to the city is taking the pulmonias. These small taxis, which are built on the chassis of VW Beetles and resemble golf carts, are available throughout the city. In addition, vacationers interested in enjoying scenic tours of Mazatlan have the option of renting scooters and bicycles for leisurely sightseeing trips throughout the city and along the beaches.

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