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Mazatlan travel is pleasant at any time of year, with the consistently great weather and beautiful scenery, but if you have some flexibility on when to go, it’s worth considering both the seasonal conditions and any scheduled events taking place in the city and its surrounding area. If you plan to visit nearby cities, take a lengthy tour, or plan a cruise on one of Mazatlan’s ferries, knowing ahead of time what to expect from the weather removes any guess work and will help ensure a quality vacation experience.

Mazatlan is a favorite vacation destination of Americans due its easy accessibility from the US—flights are affordable, and cruises are available as well. Unlike many of the resort cities along the Gold Coast of Mexico, Mazatlan tourism remains more relaxed and less congested than what you’ll find in bigger places.

When To Go
When To Go

While tourism has been important in the city’s growth, however, it isn’t the only industry that supports the city and lends it a unique character. One of Mazatlan’s premier businesses is the Pacifico Brewery, which dates back to the early 1900s. Pacifico is a major employer and source of strength to the cities economy. The brewery houses a museum and is open to the public for guided tours. Mazatlan also has a strong presence in the commercial fishing industry. Because Mazatlan has alternative means of sustaining economic growth, it has retained a more relaxed atmosphere providing tourists a memorable vacation with less stress than the more predominant and bustling resorts.

Best Time to Visit Mazatlan

Best Time to Visit Mazatlan
Best Time to Visit Mazatlan (monthly precipitation in inches)

When making your Mazatlan travel plans and itinerary, it is a good idea to know what type of weather to expect year-round. Mazatlan is a prime location for sunning, surfing, fishing, diving, and snorkeling and the warmest month of the year that provides comfortable water temperatures for aquatic activities is July with an average high temperature of 90 degrees. August and September and even into October, temperatures can average 84 degrees. The summer months are considered the off-season for Mazatlan travel.

From mid-March through mid-April and into May, Mazatlan tourism is at its peak season for college students arriving for Spring Break. The nightclub, bar, and restaurant venues located at the Fiestaland Complex are in high gear during this time as well as businesses along the strip known as the Zona Dorada, or Golden Zone, that caters to tourists.

One of the biggest festivals takes place in late February or early March when the Mazatlan Carnaval comes to town. With a Mardi Gras atmosphere, the city celebrates for five days and nights with parades, music, dancing, street performers, and fireworks. Mazatlan is especially lively during this time of year, when tourists from Europe, Canada, and the US visit the city to participate in one of the oldest festivals in Mexico.

Traveling to Mazatlan any time of the year has its advantages, as temperatures remain seasonably warm allowing numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, day cruises, sailing, and sport fishing. Whenever you decide to visit, be sure to plan ahead for the best options for hotels and vacation packages. Hotels, flights, and rental cars can be reserved through the booking widget on this page.

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