Zona Dorada

The Zona Dorada is one of the most popular tourist areas in Mazatlan. This busy area is home to a variety of Mazatlan hotels, restaurants, shops, nightlife, and outdoor activities. Away from the quiet solitude of Isla de la Piedra or other peaceful beaches, the Golden Zone Mazatlan is lively and festive, and it’s always popular among visitors looking for excitement.

Located four miles north of the downtown, the Zona Dorada is essentially the center of the city’s tourist industry, with a cosmopolitan feel and a lot of amenities. It provides a colorful selection of things to do and see, whether you’re interested in sunbathing on the beach, people-watching, shopping, dining, or taking a spin on the dance floor of one of the nightclubs. Because the major bustle of tourist activities and entertainment takes place in the Golden Zone Mazatlan, this has become the place to be for just about every visitor.

In addition to the hubbub of things to do going on throughout the area, the Golden Zone Mazatlan offers plenty of accommodation options, from cheap hotels to luxury hotels and the extravagant resorts you’d expect from such a well-established tourist city. Marina Mazatlan is a prime location for the fantastic resort lodges. For individuals wishing to purchase a lavish condo for an extended period of time in Mazatlan, the Zona Dorada is a great place to begin the search, as there are a variety of options from which to choose this type of vacation rental.

The beaches of the Golden Zone Mazatlan have a wide range of activities available, and plenty of space in which to enjoy each one. These coastal areas, including Playa Camaron and Playa Gaviotas, two popular destinations for many tourists and locals, are great place to enjoy people watching, sunbathing, swimming, and of course, a selection of water activities, such as parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and the interesting enough banana boat, and inflatable giant banana. Surfers are also attracted to the Zona Dorada for the great waves, while along the beaches, you’ll find vendors selling a variety of goods, from food to hand crafted items to any number of services, including hair braiding and tattoos.

The entertainment in the Golden Zone is another one of the area’s draws, making it a great place to enjoy a vacation for everyone in the family, from beach activities to a happening nightlife. The botanical gardens, with lush vegetation and cultured parkland, are a great place for a sample view of the local flora as well as that from various parts of the world. The Mazatlan Aquarium is the largest in the country and features an amazing collection of sharks. Many local fishermen offer a chance for tourists to enjoy the feeling of catching that ‘big one’ during a day of sport fishing.

The Zona Dorada Mazatlan is particularly popular among the Spring Break crowd, meaning the US college students who come seeking warm weather and a chance to have some fun on their March break from school. The beaches and nightclubs will be extremely busy at this time of year, so if a quiet vacation is what you want, it’s best to travel at another time. If parties are at the top of your agenda, however, take a look at some of the Mazatlan vacation packages and start planning your trip—this is an excellent time of year for travel deals.

Image: CGAphoto (flickr)
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