Beaches in Mexican Riviera

The west coast of Mexico known as the Mexican Riviera has been one of the most popular destinations for generations of holiday makers and glitzy Hollywood stars.

The Mexican Riviera is a year round destination and boasts some excellent Mexican beaches. When you’re not bathing in the glorious sunshine, you can expect to be greeted with opportunities to explore rustic fishing villages all along the Mexican Pacific coastline and a lively nightlife in the evenings. With plenty to do, visitors will encounter Mariachi bands, cliff divers in Acapulco and marlin fishing in Topolobampo Bay. The Mexican Riviera also boasts abundant marine life making for great diving and snorkeling. At Cabo San Lucas you can swim with bottlenose dolphins or through December to March you can take a coastal cruise and go whale watching.

For many the draw of the Mexican Riviera is simply the draw of spectacular white sandy beaches that are pure and immaculate.

With some of the best Mexican beaches to be found, the Mexican Riviera is an especially popular paradise. At Puerto Vallarta the beach of Playa los Muertos serves as a hub of beachside activity with bustling seafront cafes and lively water sport activities. Less crowded, the beaches of Playa Conchas Chinas offer a quieter alternative with interesting coves to explore.

Appealing and refreshing, the palm fringed beach of Playa las Gatas in Zihuatanejo Bay has calm waters perfect for swimmers. Here you can rent snorkel and scuba diving gear from PADI certified operators and explore the near lying coral reef. Beach goers are serviced by a dozen of small fresh seafood restaurants. From the beach, there are a number of walking trails to fantastic lookout spots affording great views. The beach is also only a 10-15 minute walk to Playa la Ropa.

Acapulco has a range of beaches usually busy with tourists and local families. There are a multitude of jet skiing and parasailing activities. North of Acapulco the beaches at Pie de la Cuesta are more tranquil set among banana and mango groves and the Coyoca lagoon. The strips of beach here are truly stunning and far less developed then you would imagine for such a tourist hub like Acapulco.

The Mexican Riviera is full of perfect Mexican beaches. Whether you want to find one packed with sporting activities or a secluded spot all to yourself, the regions popularity is reflected in the year round tourist numbers.

For many visitors the Mexican Riviera comes as part of a dedicated cruise. Vancouver in Canada and the U.S Pacific Ocean ports of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego all operate Mexican Riviera cruises to ports of call in Mexico. Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Acapulco of Western Mexico act as regular stop offs and providing a host of beaches.

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