Chapultepec Park

If you’re taking a trip to Mexico City and are looking for a tranquil place to have a picnic or take a jog, head to Chapultepec Park, one of the largest city parks in the world and one of the main attractions of Mexico City. Long before it became a well known park in Mexico City, Chapultepec Park was once used as a refuge for kings of the Aztec Empire. Today, the spacious 543-acre park in Mexico City is full of walking paths, huge trees that provide welcomed shade from the hot sun, as well as a lake where canoes can be rented. Many people like to visit the Mexico City park on the weekends when vendors sell delicious candy and street food as well as arts and crafts items.

The main highlight of the Mexico City Park is the Chapultepec Castle which is located in the middle of the park, atop a large hill. The large Neo-Classical castle is surrounded by acres of walkways, gardens, and open areas that were once used for military exercises. Chapultepec Castle has taken on several roles throughout history. It was once an imperial residence, a military academy, and an observatory. Today, the castle serves as the Mexican National Museum of History. The museum is open to visitors during normal business hours and on weekends and displays a large collection of historical artifacts from Mexico City as well as other regions of Mexico such as Isla Mujeres and San Miguel de Allende.

Chapultepec Park is also home to the La Feria Amusement Park. The La Feria Amusement Park features seven roller coasters, ranging in intensity from mild to ultra thrilling. There are also over 40 other rides to choose from as well as picnic spaces and vendors selling food, souvenirs, and balloons. The park in Mexico City can get quite crowded on the weekends, so if you’re looking to avoid the crowds, it’s best to visit on weekdays.

Chapultepec Park contains a variety of museums, such as the Museo Nacional de Antropología, or the National Museum of Anthropology. The anthropology museum contains one of the most extensive collections of anthropological artifacts in the world. Visitors can see original artifacts as well as replicas from Mayan ruins as well as pieces from Aztec, Olmec, and Mexica cultures. One of the most valuable pieces at the museum is a cup with the symbol of a monkey that was carved out of obsidian. The symbolic piece of art took years to carve since obsidian is such a rigid material.

Another museum that is worth a visit is the Museo de Arte Moderno, or the Museum of Modern Art. The art museum contains a large collection of sculptures and paintings by 20th and 21st century Mexican artists as well as some work from other Latin American artists.

If you’re traveling with children, you may want to visit the Chapultepec Zoo. The zoo has over 200 species of animals and is especially famous for its three giant pandas.



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