Mexico City Restaurants

Mexico City Restaurants
Mexico City Restaurants

Mexico City restaurants offer a range of excellent dining options for visitors, whether you are looking for authentic Mexican food prepared in the most refined ways at upscale dining establishments, or simply for more relaxed local fare. Food in Mexico City is a melting pot of regional cuisines, such that you can sample the best of Mexican food during your stay in the city. Street food is throughout Mexico, as it is flavorful, cheap, and authentic, and many travelers find it to be a culinary highlight of the trip, particularly if you’re looking to eat well while traveling on a budget.

One of the best places to sample classic Mexico City dining is El Cardenal, an affordably priced but elegantly decorated family-friendly restaurant on Las Palmas Avenue. The food at El Cardenal is influenced by the cuisine from the state of Hidalgo, but there are a wide variety of choices for those looking for something familiar. This is one of the most popular Mexico City restaurants, especially for breakfast, and visitors should sample their famously creamy Mexican hot chocolate and their delicious fruit juices known as jugos. Their sweet pastries are also delectable, and their sweet bread is simple but satisfying. One of the more unique dishes is the omelet with tiny ants' larvae, also called tortilla de huevo con escamoles. It may sound strange, but tasting this subtly flavored dish is definitely something to write home about. The restaurant also offers family-friendly fare, such as handmade tortillas and gorditas, which are similar to tacos but a bit thicker and similar to a pita. Their chilaquiles are also excellent—these fried tacos are covered in green tomatillo salsa and an assortment of toppings. For home-style Mexico City dining, you can't go wrong with El Cardenal., and it's a great complement to a day spent taking tours or exploring attractions such as El Zocalo.

Arguably the best Mexico City restaurant is the upscale Pujol, the flagship of gourmet food in Mexico City. Modern and minimalist ambience surrounds guests, as they taste exquisite dishes. The restaurant offers the best of food in Mexico City, but it’s all made with an inventive twist. Try the tasting menu for a multiple course sampling of many of the best dishes. Pujol is expensive compared to other Mexico City restaurants, to be sure, but those accustomed to gourmet prices in other countries, particularly Europe, will find it reasonable. The innovative cuisine includes fresh caught seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, salads made with cactus and cactus fruit, tender falling-off-the-bone short ribs braised for hours, and artisanal cheeses, all accompanied with Mexican wines expertly paired with the food by Pujol's sommelier. Food lovers, don't miss one of the finest dining experiences the city has to offer.

Another contender for top honors in the fine dining category is the classic Izote, one of Mexico City's best-established gourmet restaurants. Reservations are a must at this small but popular restaurant, and here you can sample the perfectly tangy ceviches, raw seafood marinated in lime juice and other seasonings, and innovative versions of enchiladas, tamales, and other traditional and classic Mexican cuisine. The margaritas and other mixed drinks are expertly mixed and served to your specifications. One of the most interesting offerings in Mexico City dining is the huitlacoche, or black corn mold. Try an excellent version here at Izote. Indeed, there are some things you can only find in Mexico City.

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