Hotel Camino Real Mexico City

The Hotel Camino Real Mexico City, which opened in the late 1960s, is located in the upscale Polanco district, close to the Chapultepec Forest and one of the most vibrant areas of the city. Featuring unusual aspects of design, the Camino Real Polanco offers a modern twist on the traditional, combined with an excellent array of amenities and guests services. It’s also a nightlife destination, and several restaurants and bars are featured in this five star hotel in Mexico City, including the Blue Lounge, Café Tamayo, Maria Bonita, and Centro Castellano. From the stunning design to the diverse selection of cuisine to the ultra-convenient location, the Hotel Camino Real Mexico City provides guests with a refreshing and memorable hotel experience during their vacation in this capital city.

The Camino Real Polanco is sectioned off into six divisions, each featuring increasingly larger rooms. Each room provides wireless internet, fabulous views, and luxurious bathrooms. The sections, known as misiónes, include a total of 712 rooms. Ten of the rooms offered at Hotel Camino Real Mexico City are known as fitness rooms; these rooms boast pleasing views of the main garden as well as a private treadmill.

Along with high-quality accommodations at this five star hotel in Mexico City, guests will find a wide range of amenities, including a fully equipped fitness center, a temperature-controlled swimming pool, covered parking, and various concierge services. Although it is located outdoors, the pool is heated to ensure the comfort of swimmers. Adjacent to the pool is the fitness center, which is free for guests to use throughout their stay and is open about eighteen hours a day. Concierge services include help making reservations for shows and restaurants, transportation arrangements, information on local attractions, and organizing tours and other sightseeing trips.

The on-site restaurants and bars featured at Camino Real Polanco offers a high-quality selection of culinary delights and refreshing beverages, and this five star hotel in Mexico City doesn't disappoint when it comes to food. The Blue Lounge is a floating bar with a relaxing lounge atmosphere, where patrons can enjoy a variety of cocktails, martinis, and other drinks, while the Café Tamayo is an artistic café and bar, highlighting an exquisite mural by Rufino Tamayo.

Maria Bonita promises excellent Mexican cuisine and also has a private dining room, called Los Milagros (The Miracles), which can seat up to ten people. Bice is one of chain of restaurants that also includes locations in London, Buenos Aires, Seoul, and New York, and the China Grill offers Asian cuisine and a selection of culturally inspired drinks, such as a Saketini.

For traditional Spanish fare, visit the Centro Castellano, which prepares its meals in a wood-fired oven. La Huerta boasts an excellent buffet, Sunday brunch, and a la carte service, and its pleasant atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for meetings and small events. Another possible meeting destination, the Token café and bar offers wireless internet access, and computers can be rented throughout the café.

With its blend of modern design, which does credit to the pre-Hispanic pyramids in this part of Mexico, the soothing atmosphere of the Hotel Camino Real in Mexico City will please almost any traveler. Guests will also find the array of amenities, restaurants, and bars makes it easy to spend time relaxing in this inviting hotel, as well as offering a chance to unwind after a busy day spent exploring the Polanco neighborhood and the attractions of Mexico City.

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