Hotel Catedral

The Hotel Catedral is a luxurious option for accommodations located near the center of Mexico City. As one of the hotels near the Zocalo, it offers the advantage of being close to a variety of major attractions in the historical center of town, such as the National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Its convenient location and wide range of amenities make the Hotel Catedral in Mexico City an excellent choice for accommodations during a trip to Mexico’s capital.

Many of the hotels near the Zocalo of Mexico City provide guests with easy access to a host of sightseeing opportunities, and Hotel Catedral is no exception. Situated to the rear of the Catedral Metropolitana, which lends the hotel its name, Hotel Catedral in Mexico City is within walking distance of a diverse selection of tourist attractions, including the main square encompassing the Cathedral, the Aztec Templo Mayor, the Government Palace, and a wealth of Mexican historical attractions.

There are 116 luxurious rooms and suites at the hotel, and all offer room service until 11 pm. Options for accommodations include single rooms; doubles for two, three, or four people; triple rooms; and junior suites. The prices come in a wide range to match, which helps make this hotel a great choice for a wide range of travelers, regardless of their budget. Each room offers large bed, a table and chairs, cable TV, and a luxury bathroom. The junior suites also offer a Jacuzzi bath.

Although the central location means its easy to find restaurants near the hotel, the restaurant at the Hotel Catedral in Mexico City is well worth sticking around for. There is a tranquil ambience that makes it a pleasure to dine here, and drinks and coffee are available after meals. The hotel restaurant offers a variety of food and serves three meals a day; in addition, a fixed-price, three-course dinner is also available. El Retiro, the lobby bar, also serves food and has live music several days a week, in addition to a fine selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. If you’re just looking to relax after a busy day, this bar is a great place to be.

The sweeping views of the city, friendly concierge service, and excellent room service choices are enough to lure most guests, but the Hotel Catedral offers additional services as well, including meeting and banquet halls, tour services to major attractions, on-site parking, access to taxis, and laundry service. In addition, the hotel’s already reasonable rates may be even lower if you’re able to find special deals and discounts. Paying in cash, booking early, and looking for vacation packages can all help earn discounted rates at this and many other hotels near the Zocalo and around Mexico City.

Whether you are searching for the best location, the lowest rates, excellent cuisine, or spectacular views from your balcony, the Hotel Catedral is a fine choice at an affordable price. Guests at this particular hotel will undoubtedly leave with excellent memories of their Mexico City vacation, and the welcome atmosphere here is likely to bring you back for another stay.

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