Hotel Imperial Reforma, Mexico City

Hotel Imperial Reforma

Paseo De La Reforma No 64

The Reformas Imperial Hotel has an architectural French construction. Built in the initiating age of the skyscrapers in our country- was ended in 1896- During the presidency of Porfirio Diaz- who headed its inauguration in 1904. The building of the Reformas Imperial Hotel helped to enrich the active social and cultural life from beginning of century- turning into the favorite place of big personalities. Going forward to its epoch- this Hotel included with its services to the public a night club- till then non-existent in another hotel- turning this way the pioneer in Mexico. For more than 100 years important personages of the history in Mexico have been lodged in this majestic building. In 1954 it was remodeled- answering to the needs of modernity that it was required by the epoch. The impressive building of the Reformas Imperial Hotel is a historical representative monument of the dominion of Mexico City- and for its invaluable architectural beauty surprises and gets the visitor with the brilliance that has characterized it always. The interiors comfort to our visitants- and it is because in each of its rooms it has been planned up to the last detail- everything is harmonious- a perfect balance among sobriety and comfort- elegance and modernity- tradition and forefront- with a strategic location- near managerial and cultural places. The Golden Dome cafeteria shows a valuable collection of the Hotels and surroundings pictures- across 100 years of history. Gaudi Restaurant is one of the biggest attractions of the hotel- offering a high Spanish quality cuisine. For all that and more the Imperial Hotel is- nowadays and forever will be a gift from Mexico to the world.