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Museo Nacional de Arte
Museo Nacional de Arte

Mexico City museums feature the history, art, and anthropology of central Mexico, and they’re well worth a visit during any vacation in the area. Travelers who spend a few extra days exploring the capital city are rewarded with a rich variety of museums that illuminate the Mexican culture, both past and present. For a free museum in Mexico City, it’s best to check the individual listings of museums you’re interested, as many of them offer free admission one day a week. From the Leon Trotsky museum to the Frida Kahlo museum to the National Museum of Anthropology, there is an incredible amount to be learned in the museums of this city.

While it would be difficult to designate a national art museum in Mexico City, the Museum of Modern Art boasts an incredible collection. Located in the upscale Polanco neighborhood, this museum in Chapultepec Park features all of the great modern Mexican artists including Diego Rivera and his wife, Frida Kahlo. If you’re looking to learn more about this couple, be sure to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum as well, also known as the Casa Azul (Blue House). Not only does this museum display the paintings of the famous Mexican surrealist painter, but it also provides a glimpse into her way of life as you wander through her former home.

Of all the Mexico City museums, the National Museum of Anthropology might just be the most popular. With an impressive exhibition of the ancient Aztec civilization, the anthropology museum draws all types of visitors who want to learn about the people who inhabited the area that is now Mexico City during the pre-Hispanic era. A free museum in Mexico City on Sunday for Mexican citizens and residents only, the anthropology museum also provides an excellent glimpse into other ancient civilizations from across Mexico, including the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula.

If more recent history is your interest, than plan a visit to the Leon Trotsky museum. The Soviet political thinker’s former home was turned into a museum, and has been preserved since his assassination in by an agent of Bolshevik rival Joseph Stalin in 1940. The Leon Trotsky museum is also his final resting place, and many history buffs travel to the Coyoacan neighborhood just to see his grave. At this museum you will also learn about Trotsky’s inclusion in Mexican culture, including his relationships with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Many Mexico City museums feature the art of Kahlo and Rivera, and the Dolores Olmedo Museum has a particularly impressive collection. A free museum in Mexico City on Tuesdays, this complex features the private art collection of Dolores Olmedo. A personal friend of Kahlo and Rivera, she had collected an impressive range of their work. Your time in Mexico City should also be spent exploring the outdoor historical attractions of the city. While museums are central to the history and culture of Mexico City, you’ll also want to explore the Centro Historico, Metropolitan Cathedral, churches, main squares, parks, and palaces that draw so many visitors to the capital city.

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