National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico features the world's largest collection of Ancient Mexican art and artifacts. Located in Chapultepec Park, the Mexico City Anthropology Museum has 23 permanent exhibition halls filled with relics and treasures from this ancient civilization. Arranged in chronological order, the exhibitions at this museum will give you a feel for how the civilizations of this part of the world changed over time, and this museum in Chapultepec Park also has halls that feature other cultural areas in Mexico. Visitors are always impressed by the Mayan exhibit, with a recreation of Pakal’s tomb as a highlight. The museum has also creatively re-created archaeological scenes that give visitors an understanding of where the objects they are admiring came from. With an extensive collection, it is easy to spend an entire day perusing the different halls, so be sure to leave plenty of time in your itinerary.

Tickets to the museum are free on Sundays for Mexican citizens and residents, and they are relatively inexpensive the rest of the time. The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico is open to the public from Tuesday through Sunday 9 am to 7 pm. Easily accessible by the Metro, there is no excuse not to see the amazing exhibits at the Mexico City anthropology museum during a trip to this part of the world.

The culmination of the exhibits at this Museum in Chapultepec Park is the Aztec exhibition. The Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone is on display with huge stone sculptures. For an appreciation of the people who lived on the land of Mexico City during the pre-Hispanic period, don’t miss this exhibition. The Museum of Modern Art is also close by, but attempting to see both in one day might prove difficult, as it’s easy to spend hours in each of these attractions.

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