Plaza de Toros Mexico City

The Plaza de Toros Mexico City is the world’s largest bullring. Also called simply Plaza Mexico, this bullring can hold up to 45,000 people, and bullfights have been entertaining locals and visitors alike at this space since 1946. Located next to the stadium Estadio Azul, home of the Mexican soccer club Cruz Azul, the bullring also hosts boxing matches. If you’re looking for a break from the historical attractions of the Centro Historico or the many museums of the Coyoacan neighborhood, look into tickets to witness bullfighting in Mexico for yourself.

The original bullring in Mexico City was located in the Condesa neighborhood, but it was replaced by the Plaza Mexico in the mid twentieth century. Recent high-profile boxing fights have brought extra attention to the Plaza de Toros Mexico City, including the third bout between Julio César Chávez and Frankie Randall. The best time to try and catch a bullfight is during the season of November through March, which is the dry time of year. Tickets aren’t difficult to come by, and they can be purchased at hotels, tourist booths, and the bullring box office itself for a price that is usually between 2 and 25 USD.

Bullfighting in Mexico is a great tradition, and many matadors have entered Mexican history for their triumphs in this bullring. During the opening of the stadium in 1946 two famous matadors, Manuel Rodriguez and Luis Procuna, both performed and killed bulls in the ring. Plaza Mexico was completely full for this event, and spectators enjoyed a particular treat with these two impressive matadors. Over time, however, the popularity of bullfighting in Mexico has declined. The massive crowds that were reported when the bullring first opened don’t turn up for events anymore, and it is rare for all 45,000 seats to be full during a bullfight.

The Plaza de Toros Mexico City has been the source of controversy in recent years. Animal rights activists criticize the sport of bullfighting as being antiquated and cruel, and they and others question the necessity to kill the bull at the end of the fight. In other countries such as Portugal, it is illegal to kill the bull after the matador has shown his impressive skills. While many people in Mexico share this view, others want to preserve the sport in its original form. During your trip to Mexico City, you can plan a visit to Plaza Mexico and come to your own conclusions.

No matter what your opinion on bullfighting is, the Plaza de Toros Mexico City is an impressive building. Be sure to check out the statues above the main entrance to the bullring, which depict the place bullfighting has had in Mexican history. If you’d rather not attend a bullfight but would still like to see the venue, look into boxing matches and other events during your time spent in Mexico City. Alternatively, you could buy tickets to a soccer game and take a quick look at the bullring on your way into the Estadio Azul.

Plaza de Toros Mexico City

Plaza de Toros

The Plaza de Toros Mexico City is the world’s largest bullring. Also called s...

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