Santa Fe Mexico City

Santa Fe Mexico City has experienced rapid growth since the early 1990s. Located in the western area of the city, Centro Santa Fe is the most modern and new area of the Mexican capital, despite its unusual foundation: Built on an old landfill, this neighborhood is now home to skyscrapers, and multinational corporations. The architecture of the Centro Comercial Santa Fe is extremely modern, making this neighborhood a sharp contrast to the old style found in the Centro Historico, for instance. This business district represents a different side to Mexico City, and particularly if you’re interested in skyscrapers, is worth a look.

Santa Fe Mexico City doesn’t offer the trendy boutiques of the Polanco neighborhood or the culture and museums of Coyoacan, but it has its own charm and is a good destination for business travelers in particular. As the area was developed with business purposes in mind, the nights and weekends in Centro Santa Fe can be very quiet. One of the main attractions, however, is the biggest mall in Mexico City. In fact, this mall is the country’s largest shopping mall with more than 300 stores and a movie theater. This mall in Mexico City features international brands such as Zara, French Connection, and Mango.

Beyond the mall and the impressive modern architecture, there are also a good amount of restaurants. You can visit Santa Fe Mexico City during the week for lunch and see the bustle of the local businessmen out on their lunch breaks. Popular restaurants include gourmet options Los Canarios and Guadiana, or affordable options like mesquite-grilled hamburgers at Ruben’s or inexpensive local Mexican food. Follow the crowds to find the most popular options. There are several hotels in Centro Santa Fe as well, although they cater mostly to a business clientele and thus often lack the charm of hotels in the historic district or the luxury of hotels in Polanco.

The skyline of Santa Fe is an impressive site and one that lures many visitors to the area. This neighborhood is not served by the Metro, and so it must be reached by car, taxi, or bus. Taxis can be very expensive, but the bus offers a scenic and cheap alternative. Many visitors board this bus just to see the mall in Mexico City, which while impressive in size, doesn’t offer a distinctly cultural experience. After gazing at the skyscrapers, taking a walk through Alameda, the park of Santa Fe, is worth an hour of your time, particularly during good weather.

One of the most well-known attractions in Santa Fe is a building called La Lavadora, which means “the washing machine.” A cube in shape with a large circular panel in front, the building strongly resembles this household appliance. While Santa Fe may continue to develop over time, today, the only interest most tourists would have in this area is shopping and skyscrapers. If neither of these interests you, spend your time in other areas of the city that are known for culture and history. While this neighborhood in some ways represents the progress of Mexico City, this isn’t what most travelers arrive in the city to explore.

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