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Mexico City spas aren’t the largest draw to the capital city, as there are plenty of coastal resorts in Mexico that specialize in spa treatments and have the space to offer this amenity properly. However, if you’re looking to relax after a day of sightseeing, tours, and shopping, then a Mexico City spa resort might be perfect. There are two options for travelers: day spas or a hotel spa in Mexico City. If you’re staying in a hotel that offers spa treatment, you may be able to pay a cheaper rate than if you approach from the outside for an appointment. The five-star hotels in town specialize in luxury, so if you need a little pampering, this is where to go.

The Polanco district is home to a variety of luxury hotels, including the Mandarin Oriental, and many hotels in this area are known to offer spa treatments. One popular hotel spa in Mexico City is the Four Seasons. Both individual treatments and spa packages are available at the Four Seasons. From massage therapists to skin and body treatments, this Mexico City spa resort specializes in indulgence and relaxation. Appointments are required, and it is recommended to call at least 24 hours in advance to make your reservation.

Another option with two locations, one in Polanco and one in Condesa, is Desertika Spa. This Mexico City spa resort specializes in a variety of massages. If you can schedule one or two hours in your itinerary for some relaxation, Desertika Spa has a variety of enticing options. From facials to massages, you will be relaxed and ready to continue your exploration of the fascinating capital city after leaving this professional, luxurious spa. If you’re visiting during the hot summer months, a spa treatment during the hottest hours of the afternoon can be a great break from the intense heat.

Beauty Palace is another option for Mexico City spas. With more than 70 types of facial treatments, Beauty Palace offers an impressive variety at their spa. Some of the smaller spas do offer web sites that describe their services, but these are sometimes only available in Spanish. If you’re looking for a spa treatment with someone who will absolutely speak English, it is recommended to book into a hotel spa in Mexico City. If you’re willing to go with the flow and not be certain exactly what’s going on, some of the smaller and more affordable day spas may be great options as well.

While Mexico City spas might not be one of the top reasons you choose to travel to the capital, they are an indulgent treat and can perfectly complement your other vacation activities. If you plan on exploring a great deal of the city on foot, a massage at the end of the day before hitting the town for a gourmet meal and partying until dawn is sure to be a treat. Don’t expect massive facilities, even at the larger five-star hotels. A few treatment rooms, fitness center, and swimming pool will make up the spa. However, what these options lack in size, they do however make up for in quality, though you should expect city prices at these hotel spas as well.

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