Suggested Itineraries Mexico City

If you plan to travel to Mexico to take in the city sights or the beaches, you may want to put together an itinerary to highlight the sights you would like to see. Suggested itineraries for Mexico City, suggested itineraries for Acapulco, and other travel ideas are included in the information below.

Suggested itineraries for Mexico City:

1-3 Days

Suggested itineraries for Mexico City should include a walking tour of the historical downtown area and other historical buildings. In particular, the Castillo de Chapultepec, the Monument of the Revolution, and the Monument of Heroes. The Casa de los Azulejos and the Palace of Mineria are great stops for anyone who loves older architecture.

4-7 Days

Transportation throughout Mexico City is excellent, and getting around the city is fairly convenient. With additional time, you can also spend a day at the Colonia Condesa, a district featuring art, cafes, and great shopping. The Bosque de Chapultepec is a public park that is also a great place to spend the day, with three lakes, a zoo, a castle, and the president’s palace. While the area known as El Zocalo is not heavy in historical sites, it is the center of the city, and for a real taste of working life in Mexico City you may consider having lunch in the square.

7+ Days

With a week or more devoted to Mexico City, you will have time for some side trips. Taxco, the silver capital of Mexico, is not far from Mexico City, and worth spending at least a night and day in if you have the time. Taxco is on the way to Acapulco from Mexico City, and suggested itineraries for Acapulco often involve a day trip up to Taxco. Ixtapa is also not incredibly far from Mexico City, and you can hang out at the beach in Zihua or lounge at a spa or resort in Ixtapa. Teotihuacan is also a great side trip from Mexico City for anyone with extra time.

Whether you plan to travel to Mexico to hang out at the beach or tour some of the colonial architecture or Mayan ruins that have shaped the culture of Mexico, you’ll quickly discover why Mexico is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.



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