Tepoztlan Market
Tepoztlan Market

Tepoztlan is a popular getaway outside of Mexico City. Located 45 miles south of the capital city, Tepoztlan occupies a lush valley and is surrounded by mountains, the views of which will be all around you as you walk through this Mexican town. If after exploring the Centro Historico and museums of Mexico City you are ready for a change, hop into your rental car and travel to Tepoztlan Mexico. The town is known for an impressive pyramid, a weekend market, eight small chapels, and an unspoiled atmosphere. It’s a memorable experience to escape the city and explore this mysterious Mexican town for some real cultural atmosphere.

Some visitors plan a trip just to climb the Tepozteco pyramid. While the climb up the pyramid is spectacular, there are also other reasons to visit this charming town. The local people, for example, are known for being artistically inclined. There is also a mythical element to Tepoztlan, evident in the homeopathic pharmacies and health-food stores you will see throughout. If you’re interested in this side of the town, there are treatments, sweat lodges, and even opportunities to be let in on what are believed to be the curative powers of the valley. Many local people believe that mystical curative powers exist in the valley, so it’s worth enquiring at your hotel how you can explore this element of travel to Tepoztlan Mexico.

The local residents of this small town have developed a reputation for more than their artistic skills and mythical beliefs, however—they are also known for being fiercely independent. In 1994, a proposal for a fancy golf course and funicular to the top of the Tepozteco pyramid was approved, and upon hearing the news, the townspeople rebelled, sealing off the city limits and hanging the city government in effigy. This news quickly spread and since, there has been no more talk about building a tourist-centered golf course. The funicular was never built either, and one of the main pleasures of visiting the town today remains the climb to the top of Tepozteco pyramid.

Throughout the Mexican village there are eight small chapels that each have their own cultural festival. This can be explored during the quiet environment of the weekdays, or the bustle of the weekends. Many tourists arrive from Mexico City, especially on Sundays, so if you’re looking to avoid the crowds it is best to arrive on a weekday. If on the other hand you are a shopper and don’t mind the crowds, the weekend folkloric market is one of the highlights of travel to Tepoztlan Mexico.

The destination has also gained popularity for its month-long Carnaval celebrations each night in the main plaza, where you can spend an evening dancing next to the fifteenth century Tepozteco pyramid. If you’re looking for majestic mountain scenery and a glimpse at a traditional Mexican pueblo, plan a visit to Tepoztlan during your trip. If you happen to be visiting during the period of February through mid-March, then get ready for one of the best Carnaval celebrations you’ve ever seen.

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